December 10, 2018



If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to let us know. We will be very happy to help or aswer all your queries. Please use the comments box below. Thank you…

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  1. Hello guys :). Would you please add Baldur’s Gate Siege of Dragonspear Deluxe Edition. I have the other ones and love them to death. Super please and thank you!

  2. Hello! I want to be a new member, but I don’t find the register link.

    And I have a question:
    Do you have everything the gog games, or the most?

    • You do not have to be a member to access this site. 😀 Just let us know your request and if its available we will post it. 😀

  3. Good day. Can I request for Diablo II + Expansion?
    Also, can Baldur’s Gate EE, Baldur’s Gate II EE, Icewindale EE, Icewindale II, Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights II be install as a portable?

    • Sorry Diablo II + Expansion gog version is not available. 🙁

      We didnt test the games you mentioned as portable but there’s a chance that it can work try it out.

  4. Hey, could you guys get dungeon hack? I tried installing the dos version but it kept on messing up so having the GOG version would be great!

  5. Can you please try to get the new batman game from tell tale right now the first three episodes are up but they just recently finished the series. Please and thank you.

    • There are still no available download link for gog version of the game. Don’t worry we will post it once the game becomes available. 😀

  6. I never really request anything before, but… can I request for Hitman series?? Like the Hitman Blood Money and Hitman Absolution? Old game but i still want it.

  7. Hello, happy new year ! I would like to know if there is any chance af getting riven : the sequel to myst uploaded on your site ?

    Thanks a lot !! you’re the best !

    • Hello…

      Thanks, but we could’t find any download link for your request. 🙁 dont worry once it becomes available we will surely post it. 😀

    • Yes it is but sorry we didnt find any download link for the game 🙁 , but dont worry guys once all your request becomes available we will surely post it. 😀

  8. Hey guys! I was wondering if there were any possible updates to “Prison Architect”? I know the latest update is 11. But, anywho. I hope to see a more current version on a classic game. Thanks for always doing what you do best. Introducing new and old school games to the masses and being an awesome place. 🙂

  9. Sorry guys for our very late response we will try to answer all the request and questions today. we have a lot of comments please be patient. thanks for waiting. 😀

  10. Hey guys! I have sort of technical/customer issue. Could you please indicate an e-mail address where I may send some screenshots to?

    Much appreciated!Thx.


  11. Hi can you upload;
    Runaway: A Road Adventure
    Runaway 2: Dream of a turtle
    Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate.
    u are amazing guys thanks 🙂

  12. Can you post Lord of the rings battle for middle earth 2 please or more medal of honors like airborne if its possible thanks.

  13. You guys are amazing. Keep up the good work.

    Can you put Rogue Trooper on the list of games. Its a great classic.

    I have it on my original xbox but the dang thompson dvd drive died on me ? would love to play the pc version.

    • Also posted Messiah on the site please check. 😀

      Note: the download link is slow and need your patience coz it is the only download link available.

  14. You guys are the best website that gives free PC games with no viruses. My question is how is you guys are able to get every game with online to work without an activation key? Most games seem to need some sort of activation key or password before they work. Can you also get Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Siege

    • Thanks for linking our work (website). All games here are from gog website (drm-free games no need to activate when you buy).

      This website is dedicated on posting games that are released on gog so, we are sorry Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Siege is not available at the moment.

  15. Guys, We are so sorry for our late responses, we become very busy in the past days. We will do our best to answer all the questions on all the pending comments we have right now (sooo many) hope you understand.

    Thank you very much,
    Freegogpcgames Team

    • Sorry we couldn’t find any download link for your request. 🙁 But dont worry we will post it if the game becomes available. 😀

  16. Hi team!

    I was hoping you could email me, using the address I used to post this message so we could have a conversation that would perhaps not be suitable for messaging here.

    I usually play the same games which you have listed to see if I like them, then buy them during sales.

      • Well, OK.

        I play a lot of the games you have magnet links to here. How on Earth haven’t you been shut down by GoG? That’s what I wanted to ask. I know you only provide links to torrents, but DRM free doesn’t mean uncopyrighted.

        Just a curiosity!

        • We just share what we can find in the net and not hosting the games on our servers. Not sure why but gog games are like crac/ked games but legal that is why they are drm free.

          We only sincerely ask our users, if you like the games and have some money buy the game to support the devs and publishers. 😀

          • I suppose! You mean, you’re more or less like a torrent search engine for DRM free games, except you let us know when you’ve found a new seed. Fair enough! I Like your other sites btw 🙂

          • Yes but the difference is that we check the torrent or downloaded files very carefully for you guys before getting it live here. We want to give you a safe place to download the games you want. Which sites you are referring?

  17. Hello/hi,

    Can you upload the games : “Still life”, “Sherlock holmes : the awakened remastererd” and “Earthlock : festival of magic”, please ?

    • We have posted still life 1 and 2 but unfortunately didn’t find your other 2 request. Don’t worry we will post those games if we find them. 😀

  18. Hey, cool site and offering you have! Any chance you can offer some of the Mac versions of the games please? More specifically the multiplatform releases, eg. Shovel Knight and Crypt of the Necrodancer? Thanks!

      • Sure, and I appreciate your response. Just thought that it wouldn’t be hard to get the Mac versions through the same source that provides you with the Windows ones, given that GOG offers multi-platform downloads and you can essentially get both of them from the same place.

  19. Is there a chance you guys could add Game Dev Tycoon or the sequels to Myst? I would really like to play them, and btw, keep up the awesome work guys! This website is amazing, just the idea of it blew my mind the first time. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have been able to play Myst, Bounty Train, or even Maize for that matter. Either way, keep up the work!

    • Sorry, 🙁 the game “Game Dev Tycoon” is not available in gog and we already planned to post ” the sequels to Myst” before but we didn’t find it. We tried searching again right now but still not available. 🙁

      By the way, you are always welcome and we are happy the you like our work. 😀 thank you.

  20. Hi, I have noticed that a few games when installed do not show up in GOGGalaxy (so far it has just been Vampire: The Masquerade – Requiem and The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. Is this just something with GOGgalaxy or the game download? or something I am doing wrong? If this is fixable on my end, please let me know, I kind of like all my games in one thing. Thank you for the games and for any help I can get.

    • If you want to use GOGgalaxy you will need to but the game on gog, that’s all we know about it. 🙁 Sorry.

      You are always welcome 😀

  21. I think he means Constructor. That’s available. There’s an HD remake on it’s way out, but I believe that’s not been released yet.

    • We posted the game Constructor please check. There are no HD version yet but dont worry if it becomes available we will surely post it! 😀

  22. I know the game just came out, but would you all be able to work on possibly getting Torment: Tides of Numenara? I understand that this could take some time.

  23. I know this is my 3rd time requesting this game but they just announced Rogue Trooper Remaster!

    What better way to celebrate than to play the original on PC.

  24. Hello, great site, it’s helping me making my ‘classics collection’ working on modern systems. I have two requests, so you search for them from time to time and add them whenever available: Stunt Island (1992) and Ignition (1997).

    I have other three requests but I think two will do for now ^_^ Thanks in advance.

    • We tried searching for the two games you requested but didn’t find any download links 🙁 but we will surely post it if we find any.

  25. Hello can you Uploaded the game is Indiana jones infernal machine on pc and Midtownd Madness 1 and Midtownd madness 2 on pc and Hard truck 2 King of the road

    • Someone already requested the game (Shovel Knight Treasure Trove) but we didn’t find it 🙁 but don’t worry if it becomes available we will post it for sure. 😀

        • We already posted the latest download links we can find for the game you requested. 🙁

          But do not worry, we will update them once found the latest. 😀

  26. The site is very great and Big help to us, thank you guys for giving us the free requested game thank you again /// can i request if you have new version of DEATHTRAP cause the game that i download here in GOG DEATHTRAP is no sound and music… thank you again and more power to your TEAM god bless

    • Sorry 🙁 that’s the only download link we can find for now but if we found the update we will surely post it.

      You are always welcome 😀

  27. I know I’m greedy but could you also add Men of War: Vietnam to your illustrious website? I see it’s been on GoG since 2011. 🙂

    • We’ve searched but didn’t find any download link. sorry 🙁 but don’t worry if it becomes available we will post it. 😀

  28. Do you guys think you could add The Escapists? I thought I saw it on GOG, but I don’t know what your guys’ conditions or rules are, ya’ know. Thanks for reading this!

  29. If you find the game Beat Cop it would be awesome! Been an user of the page for about a year and the work you do is truly amazing! Thanks for every effort guys!

    • We tried searching for the game Beat Cop but there are no available download link for it 🙁

      Don’t worry once we found the download link we will surely post it here 😀

    • Still couldn’t find any download link for the game 🙁 but do not worry we will surely post it once it becomes available.

  30. You guys are always fantastic at what you do, whether you’re a team of people or just one, but either way, you guys are great at doing your best! Few things

    1. How can I help you guys? Do you guys have goals or need help running things, etc? Can I do anything to pay you back?

    2. There’s a game on GOG called Death Road to Canada, looks like fun, if you’re willing to get it

    3. GOG is also planning on adding Yooka-Laylee when it gets added, so when that happens, would you consider it?

    4. Personally, if it weren’t you guys, I wouldn’t be really using my computer for that much, just sayin’

    Thanks guy(s)/girl(s)

    • Thank you. 😀

      Sharing this site to your friends is a big help for us. 😀

      Tried searching for Death Road to Canada but didn’t find any good download link 🙁

      We already posted Yooka-Laylee Please check 😀

      Have fun!!! 😀

  31. Hi there, it’s been a while… So glad to see you keeping up the good work!

    Can I request any of the total war games?

    With best wishes

  32. Hi. First of all I would like to congratulate you for your wonderfull work on uploading games on your website, I’m really in love with this kind of sharing. Would it be too much to as for a videogame I really like to play back in my youn age? It’s name is “Hellgate:London” and I would relly like to play this game again. Thanks again for your incredible job. Kind regards

    • Thank you for your kind word and we are really grateful for it.

      We tried searching for your request and didn’t find any download link before it was available in gog but removed already sorry. 🙁

  33. Could you add Shovel Knight treasure trove please? And If I already played through the shovel knight version you have uploaded, would it be possible to transfer my save data to the treasure trove version?

    • we search for Thimbleweed Park but didn’t find any available download link sorry… We will surely post it once we find it don’t worry…

  34. Hi guys i downloaded gabriel knight but i can’t extract the archive. i need a password. anyone can help me with this problem thanks

    • We have search and found what you are referring, you just need winRAR to extract the files we have posted the install guide on the More Info Tab.

    • We still cant find the game still there are no download available but do not worry we promise to post the game once becomes available. 😀

    • We still cant find the game still there are no download available but do not worry we promise to post the game once becomes available. 😀

  35. Hi there again.

    Dunno if I or anyone has asked for the Age of Empires series…

    Any chance?

    With very best wishes


  36. Hi guys, geat work you heve here, thanks for all this grate games.
    But i have a problem with The witcher 3. i install the game, install the patch 1.01, an whe i try to install the patch_witcher3_1.10-1.21.0_2.0.0.44, they say “This patch does not support your version of the game please download a new installer.

    Sorry for posti there and here, but i don know where the best place.
    For the last, can u guys, put Constructor 2 for us?

    • You will need to use this INSTALLATION ORDER to make the game work:
      1. Install the Game (GOG version)
      2. Install Day 1 Patch (v1.01)
      3. Install Patch 1.10
      4. Install Patch 1.22

      Sorry there still no Constructor 2 on gog. 🙁

    • Sorry, we couldn’t find full download link at the moment but do not worry once the game becomes available will post it 😀

  37. Thanks for Outlast 2 – too much for my poor old system though… How about Outlast one with Whistleblower though?
    Thanks and best wishes

    • Thank you 😀

      We still cant find reliable download link for the game but do not worry once found we will surely post it. 😀

  38. Hello people from the website ‘gogfreepcgames’ i really love this site and i was wondering if you could get the games ‘Age of Mythology’,’Age of empires’ and ‘Rise of nations’ if you could get these games from me i would be really happy. just so you know i have been shearing this website with all my friends.

    • Sorry, we tried to search all the game you requested but they are not available. We can only post games that was released by gog. 🙁

      Thanks for sharing 😀

  39. Hi, can you please post
    Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood and
    Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail?

  40. Hi there! I love your site, I’ve got many games from it 😉 Could you add Scribblenauts Unlimited please? Thank yew c:

    • We’ve searched for the game but didn’t find any 🙁 (we can only post games that was released on gog)

    • Sorry, We still can’t find this game. 🙁 someone already requested for this game and until not there are no available download link.

    • We’ve search for your request but didn’t find any links for those games 🙁 but do no worry we will post the games once we found them. 😀

    • We’ve search for Orwell but didn’t find any download link 🙁 dont worry once we found it we will post it. 😀

    • We tried searching for download links for those games but didn’t any. 🙁 We will try to monitor this games and once it becomes available we will post them. 😀

    • We tried searching for download links for those games but didn’t any. 🙁 We will try to monitor this games and once it becomes available we will post them. 😀

  41. Please create a single page A to Z list of all game titles from the site. In my opinion, using Ctrl+F to search a page for a game is much much easier and quicker than using a search box. Plus the organizational benefit of such a page is miles above anything else. Please consider this. Thank you for all your hard work!

    • Sorry that would look spamy. 🙁 have you tried our sitemap? you can search there by just putting the first word of the game you want. 😀

    • We tried searching for dlc of craft the world but didn’t find any 🙁 but do not worry we will post them once found 😀

    • Sorry it is still not available on our trusted source 🙁 we will post this for sure if it becomes available

  42. You guys should enable more categories about the games and let us get to these categories through the Genre in a game’s page

  43. Hello!

    Can you add 2 games like: Fallout 3 GOTY edition and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition and then i can download these?? Thanks!

    • Still we couldn’t find clean download link for the game 🙁 but do not worry we will post it once we found it. 😀

  44. Hi, nice site, very usefgull for an unemployed like me. any chance to have Project Eden GOG game? i know it’s quite old, but hey it’s gog..:)

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