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Date:06/07/22 We decided to add light and dark mode back please use the “Mode” switch on the top right of every page besides A to Z Game List button

Date:03/17/22 We decided to make the site darkmode to get rid of the plugin, hope that you are fine with it… Let us know if you have any problems with it.

Date:01/02/22 We miss you already!!! So we opened the comments section already. Thanks for the wait and understanding. We hope to serve you well this 2022…

Date:01/01/22 Happy new year Guys!!! Hope to give you all the best this new year!!!

Date:12/22/21 Sorry Guys, we need to close the comments section at the moment to give way for our self on this coming holidays (busy with the families). All previews comments will be answered and we will still post new games and update the games that were updated… Hope for your understanding and thanks for all the support you gave us. Have fun and God bless us all!

Date:12/14/21 Sorry Guys, we notice that the rating system is spammed by trolls so we decided to disable it permanently. Hope that it is okay with all of you guys. Thanks to those who are really supporting us with our service and glad that until now you are still supporting us. Have fun always! God bless us all!!!

Date:11/15/21 Sorry Guys, we need to disable the comments section at the moment so that we can focus on fixing all the issues on the website. No worries we will still continue to post all updates we will encounter and all the new games will be posted too. We are really sorry for the inconvenience and we hope for your understanding. Thank you for all the support you are giving us. Have fun always 😀 Hope we served you well!

Date:11/14/21 Guys we are having issue with the site, it is messed upped at the moment so we need to fix it full time. Sorry for the delays on all the comments…

Date:08/27/21 Guys we are having problems with the star ratings on the archives and in the sidebar that is why they are not showing. We already tried to fix it but didn’t worked out. Sorry for the inconvenience :(We decided to change the plugin and now it is working but in deferent way…

Date:08/15/21 Added Dark Mode toggle. This is still on testing mode so if you have encountered any problem please let us know. Hope you like it.

Date:07/07/21 Added the recently updated games in the homepage and removed the widgets in the post.

Date:07/06/21 Planning to put back the ratings as we see that our server is much stable than before If you find any problem with it please report to us. Please help us rate the games we post.

Date:07/05/21 We need to fix some of the old post and need to disable the recent update in the homepage to avoid the mess. For now you will see the newest post in the homepage. Please use the Recently Updated Games widget in the post page for updated games. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Date:05/18/21 Comment section is now available again. We are now ready to answer all your questions and queries again as we are done with all the posting and updates and optimizing the website. We are really sorry for the inconvenience and it took so long before we opened it. We will try to do our best to answer all the comments and give you best.

Date:05/17/21 Decided to remove the ratings. The site will work even without it.

Date:03/02/21 Decided to put back the ratings. This is still under observation if this is the real cause we will permanently remove it.

Date:02/27/21 We remove the tabs as it is already outdated and to reduce server load.

Date:02/04/21 We have decided to removed the star ratings coz it is one of the suspected reasons why we are having issues with our server. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Date: 12/24/20We will be leaving the comments section unattended for Christmas until next year. As we need to give our love ones time this coming new year. Hope you understand guys. Thanks for all the support you gave us this year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Always stay safe and have fun! God bless us all!

Date: 11/30/20Comment section is now open. Sorry for the delay, until now we still have issues with our server and having a hard time accessing our sites admin panel. We will try our best to answer all the comments even if this problem still persist. Thanks for all the understanding and support. Have fun and stay safe!

Date: 11/18/20Sorry guys we need to take a break on the comments as we are experiencing a problem with our server and can’t catch up with all the request made. We need to investigate further on the problem as we are getting huge cpu and memory load lately.

Date: 11/15/20Guys, we are sorry for our late response on the comments you made. As you can see, we have come up with the new site design and still on the process of fixing some issue on our server.  We appreciate your  patience and understanding. Thanks for all the support and trust you guys are giving us. Have fun and stay safe!

Starting on: 11/11/20We are going to ignore all requests that is not made in the page Contact/Request. So if you have a game request please use that page. Thank you. Have fun and stay safe!

Date: 6/30/20Guys, We have made a A-Z game list page as to make it easier for everyone to search the game they want. Please check on the top menu bar.

Date: 5/25/20Guys, We are sorry for closing the comments section of the site. We are now opening it again as we miss all of you and want to help those who’s in need.Note: please be patient for reply’s as sometimes we are facing difficulties.To those who are complaining with the ads please bare in mind that we need ads to maintain the site. If you have problems with the ads you can let us know and will try to fix it. But if you want us to remove it please just leave the site and don’t use it.Thanks for all the support you gave us. Hope you are all good with this Covid19 virus.  Stay safe and have fun!!!