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    • Welcome Sissis, We have published your request please check in the homepage.

      If you like our site please dont forget to share it to your friends. 😀

  1. I know that there isn’t a GOG version for Crashlands yet, so i’ll just put my request for Crashlands here and hope for the best.

  2. Hello, I’m doing research on your site for an article and I’m wondering why you repackage the games you offer for download? If you are simply redistributing drm free games, why is there any need to repack the installers? This makes me inclined to write this entire site off as a malware distributor. You have my email, let me know.

    • Some downloads are in repacked form but not all. Almost all games here are not repacked you will find .exe from gog. if you find an repack download that is because that is the only option so that we can share the game. but do not worry we test the games before we post the download link here. please note that we are not the ones who’ve done this we only search the net and share it here in our website. hope that this is clear for you now.

    • lePerkins, Star Wars: X-Wing and Tie Fighter have no seeders but we found and posted STAR WARS – X-Wing Alliance.

    • Sorry raghaf207, your request Little King’s story is not available. anyway we will be posting NO MAN’S SKY later this day.

    • @Witcher noob, we have posted some dlc’s for the game please check and dont forget to read More Info tab in every post for installation.

      • OH, thank you so much! I did already test the base game and seems to work fantastic for now, In any case, I’ll report back! THANK YOU, MAY THE GOD OF GAMES BLESS YOU!

    • So sorry MG but there are no Saints Row IV gog version but do not worry once it becomes available we will post it. 😀

  3. This website is a life saver! Any chance of the splinter cell games, or even deus ex human revolution?

    You guys are my heroes!

    Thanks so much!

  4. Please add RUST to the list! And keep up the great work!

    I’ve recommended this page to many friends and to other users around the country were I live (Costa Rica).

  5. Guys!

    We notice that some of your request are not gog version, so sorry for all the request that we couldnt post as we are only dedicated on posting gog version games in this site. If you really want to download games that not gog you can try visiting this site:

    • Gog didnt released the game you have requested so we can not post it here. We are only dedicated on posting games that was released by gog sorry about that.

  6. Hi freegogpcgames

    Sorry if I seem to be constantly asking for games but I feel like a kid in a sweet(candy) shop at the moment.

    How about Far Cry 1 & 2, both are listed on the GOG site… and/or the F.E.A.R games too, please.

    With many thanks



    Love You Guys Your Sites, Good Games Working Smoothly Without Any Crash’s And Error’s 😀

  8. Hello friends, i’m looking for Settlers II Gold Edition (not 10th Anniversary), could you upload it per chance? Thanks for all your work, have a good day.

  9. İ Love GOG Game’s But They Have Not All The Game’s Like Steam You Know…. For Example: Far Cry 4, Fary Cry Primal… Call of Duty Series Ect…… They Miss Some Bunch Of That Cool Game’s And That Make’s Some People’s Sad 🙁 🙁 But Still A Good Site.

  10. You realize that’s because Far Cry 4 is covered by Denuvo Anti-Piracy right? No one has been able to crack any games covered by Denuvo. Do some research before you talk like an asshole.

  11. My Request İs: BLOOD 2: THE BLOOD GROUP

    Thanks 😀

    İm Verry Sorry That İ Reques’t Game That Already Was Available On Site, Didin’t Know Excuse Me. But Now Gonna Re-Search Before İ Ask For İt. 😀

  12. Hi all

    Would there be any chance of either any of the Resident Evil games or any Silent Hill ones?

    I still cannot believe how cool this website is. The gang I’ve introduced here are also quite amazed too.

    Best wishes


  13. Hello, I love your website, you’re really doing a great job ! I just have one request for you : “I Have No Mouth and I must scream” because I can’t find the gog version of this great game anywhere.

    thanks in advance, keep up with the good work, you rock !

  14. You guys are amazing. Any chance that Star Wars Tie Fighter Special Edition is available? Also are any of the Star Wars Jedi Knight games? I would fat girl clap if you put them up.

    • Star Wars Tie Fighter Special Edition is not available (we couldnt find it) but we will be posting Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy and Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast. Hope that it is alright with you 😀

  15. Hi I dont request nothink.
    I have a question: can you download 60 seconds 32 bits and put ok freegogpcgames? If yes, I will apricieted if you will put in.
    BTW: Your page is so cool thanks. 🙂

  16. Hope you can help…

    Looking through my old dvds for PC found that my Ghost recon advanced warfighter games (1&2) are damaged along with both my rainbow six vegas games too – would you have them on the list by any chance?



  17. I am in Star Wars heaven by the way. Last request I have for you is my wife wanted me to ask if you had Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 Sith Lords. She downloaded the first one and loves it. Keep up the awesome work you guys are my spirit animal now.

  18. Hi freegogpcgames

    I am so very happy right now… Thanks so much for the F.E.A.R 2 release! and as an added bonus the Titan Quest Gold edition too!

    I am literally hugging myself in joy!

    Cheeky question, I bet that the Bioshock games are not on the list are they?

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter as I’m so very happy

    With very best wishes


    • Yes no Bioshock in the list but will wait no one knows what will happen 😀 if the game becomes available will surely add it here 😀

      • I’m not sure how to change the language ingame and in a game folder there is no standart GOG language switcher. Also, release on your site is dated “February 17, 2016” and on Russian was added on March this year. So, if anyone can upload Russian version of the game or Russian language pack it will be great.
        Also, my English sucks, sorry.

  19. Hi

    This is a thanks meseage: i would really thank to the owner(s) of this site, i downloaded bunch of game’s at this site, and they work all 100% smoothly without and problems and issue’s. its pretty hard to find in this era to downloaded good games without any crash’s and problems ect…. but i didin’t lived it here all game’s works fantastic fine.

    Best regards

    thank you frreegogpcgames

  20. Hi again

    Just wondering if anyone as asked for the old classic Area 51. I have fond memories of this one – plus David Ducovney’s laconic voice work that really added to the atmosphere.

    Any chance?

    Many thanks and best wishes


    • Sorry, as we have stated before we can only post games that was released by gog. There are no gog version for the sims 1 complete collection and Zoo Tycoon 2 Ultimate Collection.

  21. Hey again…

    How about any of the following?

    Medal of Honor – Allied Assault
    The classic System Shock
    Doom, Doom II, Ultimate Doom
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    Quake 1 and or 2
    red faction 1 and or 2
    The classic Aliens vs Predator

    Sorry for the long list, but am surfing nostalgia right now…

    So many games – it’s awesome


  22. Hello moderators, I am very thankful that you made this site and will be downloading more from you for a very long time. You have satisfied my hunger for games and so, I will be sharing your site with my colleague. 😀 have a great night/day/evening to you.

  23. Hi again.

    Thanks for all your hard work – very much appreciated.

    I was wondering if you could find Return to castle wolfenstein and any of the galactic civilization games?

    Amazing as always.



    • Sorry we’ve search for the games you requested but didnt find any Return to castle wolfenstein and galactic civilization gog version download link. 🙁

  24. Oops Sorry i Thought MEN OF WAR: VIETNAM SPECIAL EDITION UPGRADE was No Available download i looked to wrong comment Excuess me again 😀

    U Can add the 2nd reuquest after 1st request if you want to 😀

  25. Hello. I´ve contacted my AV support and they have confirmed malware detection on Mirrosr Edge setup file. I suggest to take some action.

    Keep this page awesome!!

  26. Hi There 😀

    İ Would Really Appreciated İf You Guys Comeplete This 3 Dying Light Bundle Series


    Thank You Soo Much 😀

  27. Hello again, can you guys upload Road to Canada, Metronomicon and Darkest Dungeon with the last patch? Thx in advance! 😀

  28. You guys are brilliant.

    Thanks for the warhammer stuff – brings back all the good memories.

    I was wondering about the Sacred games?

    All the best and a huge load of thanks too.


  29. Absolutely love your site. Thanks for all the hard work you do. I almost hate to make any requests, but if you can find links to the following GOG games, I’d be utterly grateful… 1) Gray Matter, 2) Pathologic Classic HD, and 3) Toonstruck.

    • Sorry your request act of war:gold edition is not available, anyway we have posted JADE EMPIRE: SPECIAL EDITION. 😀 have fun!

  30. Hello! Amazing site. Thank you!
    Could you please upload lucasfilm point & click classic and remastered adventures? (Monkey Island, Indiana Jones…).
    I just found a few… but not the ones I’m looking for.
    Thank you again. Regards!

    • We have posted all monkey island we can find please check. 😀 but sorry we searched for indiana jones games but didnt find any. 🙁

  31. Hi Guys

    İ would really appreciated if the screenshots of game’s add 4 or 5 photo’s replace of 3 Because it give’s more information about that game to the visitor’s. This is just a suggestion. You don’t have to add if u don’t wanna but i think this is a good idea for the upcomming Visitor’s.

  32. Just found this on GOG.COM and wondered if you had it on your list… BALDUR’S GATE: SIEGE OF DRAGONSPEAR

    Also, is Mirror’s Edge safe to download?

    Many thanks

    • Sorry we didnt find your request BALDUR’S GATE: SIEGE OF DRAGONSPEAR but here’s what we already have:

      Mirror’s Edge is safe just make sure you scan your computer after a successful install and make sure to remove all the detected files (thats what we’ve done on our side). 😀 but if you are really worried about it dont continue.

  33. Hello again guys i have browsed GOG and maybe if it isn’t a trouble you could upload this;
    -braveland series
    -Rebuild 3: gangs of deadsville
    -X-COM apocalypse
    -the westport independent
    -gods will be watching

    Thanks! Many appreciation!

    • -braveland series > no seeders
      -Cosmonautica > posted
      -Rebuild 3: gangs of deadsville > posted
      -X-COM apocalypse > not available
      -the westport independent > We already have it here (use search bar)
      -gods will be watching > Pending (will be posted soon)
      -magicmaker > Pending (will be posted soon)

  34. Do you have access to the following GIG games? The Penumbra Collection or any in the Black Mirror series (I believe there are 3 games in that series). Thanks as always for the hard work!

    • We have posted your request The Penumbra Collection and Black Mirror 1 and 2 but didnt find 3 🙁

      You are always welcome. 😀

  35. Hey Guys

    I was wondering, would you have the Oddworld series, not the more updated ones but the Abe’s Oddyssey and Exxoddus games pre enhanced, I can’t run the updated ones as the old PC isn’t up to it!



  36. Hey guys!
    Is there a chance to get Gorky 17 / The Swindle and Transistor?
    And: still no chance to get the Sunless Sea: Zubmariner DLC?
    Thank You very much!!

    • We will be posting Gorky 17 and The Swindle later but we didnt found Transistor 🙁 sorry. We also searched for Sunless Sea: Zubmariner DLC still no trusted download link. 🙁

  37. I love this site so much I was GOG and saw that you guys had The Penumbra Collection and I was wondering if it would be possible for you guys to add it to the site?
    Thanks in advance this site is great!

    • Sorry about the delay we have loads of comments and been busy for a while. 🙁 please be patient we will answer all request and comments. 😀

  38. Hi Guys

    İ Asked For a Game Request About CRYSİS and CRYSİS WARHEAD, İs There a Avaiavle Game Download Or Not?. Can u Give a Reply?

    • We have posted Din’s Curse + Demon War and also updated the download link of Wolcen: Lord’s of Mayhem please check 😀

  39. Sorry Guys for our delay. 🙁 we have a lot of request and we need to check the game before posting it so please be patient. if the game you requested is available we will post it but if its not we are sorry.

    Thank you. Have fun!

  40. HELLO! Big fan of your website! Games run really well, easy to download and easy to install!
    I was wondering if i could make a request?
    Can you guys put Guacamelee in your site?
    anyway, THANK YOU for all the free games you have given us!

  41. This site is AWESOME! Some of my Windows 98/XP games that I thought I would never play again I hung on to till the great upgrade of W10 just in case, but alas they do not play on my system; I have found several of them on this website. Thank you and they work great though some of them are a little glitchy but so are most of my steam games.

    Suggestion … Portal 1 + 2 and if you ever see the best game I have ever played back in the 90’s Obsidian. 1996 … it is from the myst era

    • Sorry we couldnt find any download link for the game you requested. 🙁 but don’t worry we will post it once found. 😀

  42. HEY! It’s me again, haha.
    I’m here to request another game from GOG again, if that’s okay?
    The game is called Wuppo.
    I just watched the trailer and it looked good and fun to play.
    So that’s it, hope you’ll consider my request, AGAIN.
    THANK YOU AGAIN for all the games!
    You guys are THE BEST.

  43. Wow that great update with cysis and other,Great thank alot Web master !,but if you don’t mind please consider for next update metal gear,gear of war and xcom ? thank bos ! this great website

  44. Even in those days when it all gets a bit much – stress wise – your site never fails to put a smile on my face! Thanks!

    I’m just wondering – ever curious, that’s me – would you know if you could put up any of the Magic the gathering games?

    Awesome and keep up the wonderful work, ‘Kay?

  45. Hey Guys!
    Would love if you could get Watch_Dogs 2 on here.
    Really wanna play it but don’t have the money ha!

    Love the sight,
    Thanks for your time.
    Dominic S / Qu

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