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  1. I am so Impressed with the way you made specific games GOG, like the Unreal Games, which is awesome. I have one request for you. Can you make Rusty (DOS) GOG like the way you did with the 3 old school Mortal Kombat Games on DOS which is Awesome btw.

  2. Hello there
    Is that possible to upload an updated version of Settlers IV ?
    Yours is compatible up to Windows 7 ( v2.0.0.4 )
    Since 2018 , the new GOG version is compatible with Windows 10.
    Thanks a lot !!!!

  3. Wow cool website

    Just seen on the three styx games…
    Master of shadows
    Shardsof darkness
    Of Orcs and Men

    Any chance and be my heroes for ever?

  4. Hi guys from Team freegogpcgames, I have a very important request and I’m sure it will make many gamers friends happy, could you search and upload Hearts of Iron 2 Complete to this site?

    • We tried searching for the game you have requested but there are no seeded download link found πŸ™

      You are always welcome πŸ˜€

    • Tried searching for the game (Sunrider) but couldn’t find any download links πŸ™

      If thats the case it will add more work and delays for us if we will. You can always visit the page/game to check if there’s an update found πŸ™

  5. Hello,this is one of my favourites sites already,but i can’t find a link to download don’t escape:4 days to survive,only finding links to download the previous version,4 days in the wasteland if i remember correctly.It would be really nice to upload don’t escape:4 days to survive

    • Thanks πŸ˜€

      We tried searching for the game but there are no available download link found πŸ™ but don’t worry we will post the game once it becomes available πŸ˜€

    • Sorry we tried searching for both games but there are no available download link found πŸ™ Don’t worry once the games becomes available we will post it πŸ˜€

    • Sorry we tried searching for this game many times (as it was requested many times before) but still no available download link (gog version) πŸ™

  6. Hello there!
    Just came back to this website after a few months and the constant upload of games is super, just wanted to ask if there is a way you could upload Unreal Tournament 3?

  7. Hi, so I downloaded The Walking Dead Final Season from here (Thank you for that btw) and it went well from eps 1-4. On eps 4 I made some pretty bad choices so I decided to restart the episode. But then everytime I start the episode the game crashes. I did everything that people on forums say but it got worse, I can’t even open the game now. Can you help please, and thank you

    • Result:

      Warlords III: Darklords Rising – no link found
      Submarine Titans – posted
      DethKarz – no seeded link found

      Always welcome

  8. I was wondering….Jagged Alliance 2 an Wildfire are on this site. But the best sequel of Jagged Alliance 2 is Unfinished Business. Is this game maybe possible to put on this site?

    • Couldn’t find Guacamelee 2 download link and the latest download link we can find for Hollow Knight is already posted v1.4.3.2 πŸ™

  9. Heyo! I’ve been looking for [Detroit: Become Human PC 2019] on this site ever since it was released but couldn’t find it…And the comments were turned off so i couldn’t suggest it πŸ™
    Here are the details for the game:
    Name: Detroit: Become Human PC
    Devs: Quantic Dream (same guys who made heavy rain and beyond two souls)
    platform: PC

    Ya guys think u could upload it??? It would mean a lot to me XD I love that game ty πŸ™‚

    • Sorry the game you have requested is not available via gog πŸ™ but don’t worry once found we will post it. πŸ˜€

  10. can you get the 3 Secret Filesgames please?
    Secret Files: Tunguska
    Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis
    Secret Files: Sam Peters

    many thanks

    • There’s no available download links for Pajama Sam πŸ™

      Skyrim and Far Cry 3 and still not available via gog πŸ™

    • Search results:

      Coffee Talk – posted
      The Dark Crystal Tactics – no link found
      A Legionary’s Life – no link found

      Sorry only posted one game on your request πŸ™

  11. The walking dead season 2 requires save files (the choices you made in season 1), is there a way to add these saves files/choices to the season 2?

  12. Will you consider uploading terra wars nyc Invasion, hype the time quest, any alien games and alien vs predator series and lego rock raiders

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