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    • @Winch, sorry we can only post games that are published by gog. Sad to say that your game requests are not available via gog website.

  1. quick question about the files

    if i have a gog game and i install the dlc pack from here will it work? does the same work if the game is from another service like steam or other?

    • @mast3rofducks, Not sure that it will work but it depends on the version of the game you have. didn’t test to cross gog to steam updates so no idea. you can google about it.

    • @Chamson, We have updated some links on the list if you still have problems with other download links just go to the game page and leave a comment to let us know.

    • @Starfiahlol1920, updated the download link with the latest we can find of the game but not sure if Stir of Dawn DLC.

    • @GAMING IS MY LIFE, we would love to post the game but unfortunately the game was not released via gog website we are sorry.

    • @pattis, we have encountered a lot of requests for this game but until now there’s no available download link sorry.

  2. Thanks for this fantastic site. Keep up the awesome job. 🙂
    Can I please request for the game: Littlewood?
    Thanks in advance. 😉

    • @Apple Noobie, You are always welcome, thanks for the trust you’ve given us. We will be posting the game Littlewood later please wait a little longer.

    • @Woden, we couldn’t find any download links for Prodigy Tactics sorry. About Stelar Renegades are you talking about Star Renegades? If it is we have just posted that game.

    • @dbxz49, we are so sorry we can only post games that are published by gog here. and your request is not available up to this moment sorry.

  3. Hi, i like too thank you for all of this games, i’m really greatfull. i dont wanna sound like an ass, but i was wondering if we could get the rest of the dead space trilogy, dead space 2 and 3.

    • @iris heart, you are always welcome. But anyway, only one dead space (the 1st game) is available via gog until now so it is impossible to post the other two at the moment. but don’t worry once it becomes available we will post it.

  4. Hi
    Like the website, have used it to get a few games tested out.
    Any chance of getting the linux versions of the shadowrun games you already have windows versions for?

    • @Slesai, tested the download link and it still have seeders. Anyway, we have updated the link with mirror you can download that link instead and hope it will give you more seeders.

    • Sorry thats the only download link available only tested english not sure if italian language is available for the game 🙁