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If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to let us know. We will be very happy to help or aswer all your queries. Please use the comments box below. Thank you…

Happy Gaming and Have Nice Day!!!

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Note: If you have a list of games make sure you check if it is available via gog always remember that we cannot post the game if gog didn’t released it. And please limit the list for 3 games only per comment to give us time for others concern/requests. Thank you for your cooperation and hope to give you all the best! 

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    1. Hello Wuya, sorry the game was not released via GOG (not sure) so it is impossible to post it here 🙁

  1. i would like to thank you for this amazing web you made so easy for people and your games are the best they really work and they are complete so thx and could you pls do the wolf among us 2 when it’s get released pls thank you again

    1. You are always welcome alec, we will post games once it becomes available via gog and our source for links. And the game you requested becomes available we promise to post it as soon as possible.

    1. Sorry we can only post windows in this website. We can’t do it cuz we can support it as we only have windows pc 🙁

  2. Hello, I just downloaded a game from this site, but when I tried to install, it always says that a file can not be located, although all the downloaded files are in the same folder.

    1. Can you please comment on the game you downloaded to avoid confusion. You can also try to read FAQs page for more info on redist software that is needed for every game

  3. hi can you guys add darq the complete edition thank you so much for all of the games more power to you guys

  4. Hello, good morning, afternoon or evening, it was to know what possibilities there are that you upload the complete saga of “Warhammer 40k dwan of war”, on 1 and 2 plus their dlc, could you?

  5. Hi, I really like most of the screenshots that you post for the games and I was wondering If there was any way to get them in a wallpaper resolution?

      1. Hello, the new Outward DLC just came out called “Three Brothers”, wonder if you can add it to the page. Thank you

  6. Can you include the mac versions? I would like some games for my Macbook. And a lot of games are on mac too. Is there any way to add another button that allows me to download that version?

    1. Sorry Danny, We have no plans on posting MAC version here as we cannot support it coz we have no Mac computer. 🙁

  7. You provide an excellent service to all us game players, but I have a request. Would it be possible to add Pier Solar and the Great Architects please.

    Thankyou in advance and Merry Christmas to all you guys, all users of the service too.

    1. We tried searching but still no available download link found. Don’t worry once found we will post it 😀

    1. Sorry Gru, we tried searching for the games you requested but there are no available download links 🙁

        1. Sorry still no available download links for the games but don’t worry once we found links for games you requested we will post it.

  8. Hi!
    maybe this is a stupid question: is it possible to play the games downloaded from this site with the Nvidia Now service? It is compatible with GOG games, but maybe it only takes them from the GOG library and not from the computer. I don’t know the details of the service yet.

    1. Most of the games that you didn’t buy will not work on any online services that is why we don’t test them online and can’t support it sorry.

  9. Synthetik: Legion Rising has a new version out called Ultimate. Pls update it as soon as you can.

    Thank you for all you do. 😀

  10. Good morning , I would like to ask to give us Cyberpunk 2077 Update.v1.04.to.v1.05-GOG if it possible.Thank you 🙂

  11. Metal Gear Solid V, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty(2007-2020), ArmaII, Tom Clancy`s (Splinter Cell, Breakpoint or Ghost Recon), The Forest, Ride to Hell, F1, Crysis Remastered, Company of Heroes, FarCry 3, Assassin`s Creed 3, Sleeping Dogs Defenitive Edition, Watch Dogs, Resident Evil, Halo, Final Fantasy, Uncharted, Mortal Kombat 9-11, Fallout, Half-Life, Counter Strike, Red Dead Redemption, The Witcher, Just Cause, Five Nights at Freddies, Tekken, Sims, NEED FOR SPEED, Star Wars(2017-2019), Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Command & Conquer, Rainbox Six, Devil May Cry, Batman, Garrys Mod, ARK, Rust, Spider Man, Forza, Ace Combat, Hitman, Yakuza, Colin McRae Rally, Max Payne, Anno, finally Mafia Defenitive Edition. Any of these or All of Them. PLEASE!

    1. Hi Shan, Most of the games you requested are not available via gog please check the titles via gog website then go back here for the list of game you found available.

    1. We have posted Soldier of Fortune 2 and will be posting payback later please be patient. Hope it works for you.

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