How to Get Privacy & Safety for Downloading Torrent

If you are from a country that’s strict with P2P connection like US and Germany, downloading torrents with DMCA can give you problems with your internet service provider (ISP). In most cases your ISP and copyright trolls monitoring the Torrent network can take action if they catch you illegally torrenting. This can range from a warning letter and throttling (slowing down) of your internet connection speeds to legal action – although the latter is increasingly rare.

The best solution for this is using a VPN or virtual private networks to get your privacy and make your connection anonymously. Our team has tested a number of VPNs and we believe the best and fastest VPN that you can use for Torrenting is ExpressVPN.

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How to Download Torrents with ExpressVPN

1. Choose a torrent client
– Your computer cannot use torrent files on its own. Before you can start torrenting, you need to choose a reliable client.
– We recommend qBittorrent or µTorrent, but there are dozens to choose from.

2. Open an ExpressVPN account
– It’s crucial that you don’t start torrenting until your VPN is up and running.
– Visit, and click the ‘Get ExpressVPN’ button on the homepage.
– Choose your preferred subscription plan, and enter a payment method. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an activation code by email.

3. Set up ExpressVPN correctly
– Open the ExpressVPN app and enter your activation code. Before connecting to a server, click on the hamburger menu in the app and select ‘Preferences’.
– In the ‘Protocol’ tab, select either TCP or UDP. Then, look for the ‘Network Lock’ section in the ‘General’ tab and tick both check boxes.
– Finally, in the ‘Advanced’ tab, make sure DNS and IPv6 leak protection are turned on. These settings should be enabled by default, but it’s always a good idea to double-check.

4. Choose a server to connect to
– Allows unrestricted torrenting on all its servers, but you still need to connect to a server before you start torrenting.
– The app’s ‘Smart Location’ feature offers the easiest and most efficient way to connect. It selects the nearest fastest server based on your physical location and server load.
If possible, connect to a server in a privacy-friendly country for P2P activity.
However, be aware that the further away the VPN server is from your physical location, the slower the connection speed.

5. Verify your IP address
– As a final precaution, verify you’re properly connected to the VPN by checking your IP address is hidden.
– Use our free torrent IP leak test tool to ensure you’re not leaking any IP or DNS information that may expose your identity.
– If there are no IP leaks, you’re ready to start downloading torrents safely and securely.

To avoid all the problems in downloading torrents it is best to protect yourself by using VPN. We have many users who complained about this problem so we decided to make this page and offer a vpn service that is reliable for torrenting. Hope that this helps for those who are in need. Have fun always 😀

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