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    • only reply section is available in my view of website, so, I’ll be requesting here. Thank you for all the games. Please release Mad Max, Dragon Age Inquisition, Kingdoms of Amalur : Re – Reckoning.

    • @Wen Cheng, you will find the comment box below 😀 anyway, Mad Max and Dragon Age Inquisition are not available via gog sorry but we manage to post the game Kingdoms of Amalur : Re – Reckoning please check hope that it works for you.

  1. Hey, I understand you need ads to have some money for maintaining this site but, some ads are infectious, like virus to pc… so check your ads well please.

  2. Hi, could you upload the “Dungeon Siege Collection”, i really want to try it out. Thnx for all the work, keep it up.

    • Sorry the game is still not available via gog 🙁 They only have Europa Universalis III Complete 🙁

    • We have checked and it is still the latest we can find sorry. 🙁 Don’t worry once found we will post it 😀

  3. I would firstly really like to thank all of you that work so hard to provide us with enjoyment and I for one sincerely appreciate you.
    Is it possible for you to upload Dark souls 1 & 2 as both are available on GoG? Thanks.

    • You are always welcome and happy to have you here. 😀

      So sorry Dark souls games are not available via gog 🙁

    • Please state the full title to be specific. 🙁

      If you are looking for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord the game is still not available via gog 🙁

  4. hello i love this site thanks for all great games you bring us all, i appreciate your hard work and time, please may i make a request thankyou the game is battle for middle Earth 1 and 2 if possible please thankyou, never had chance to play them

    • Thanks we are happy to serve and you are always welcome to use it 😀 Anyway, we are sorry Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth I and II is still not available via gog website 🙁

  5. Can you guys somehow get the gears of war?I love this website and would like to see my chilhoods favourite game here

  6. Hello Guys ,
    Your Website Really works and I trust it very Much…
    Can you Please Add this Game ..
    “The Forest” , I really Need It

  7. Hey! I love your site <3. Just a question, Will you add The sinking city? I know it is not on GOG but it has a DRM free. You guy should check it out.

  8. Hi Freegogpcgames, thanks for this site and the work you do to keep it moving. Anyways the game Wasteland 3 is coming out on August 28th. Could you try to make it available as soon as possible, its looks really good for a rpg game.

    • You are always welcome, happy to serve 😀 Yes, we have posted the game you have requested already please check 😀

  9. Hello,

    Am I running any risk by playing a game from your website ?
    Or do you get them directly from gog somehow ?

    best regards,


    • All files comes directly from gog and we check before we post so it is safe but if you are really worried please don’t continue

  10. Hello.
    I was wondering if it would be possible for you to upload Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation.
    Thank you in advance, and thank you for all the work you’ve already done!

  11. Can I donate GOG games for you guys to upload? I was thinking about picking up wasteland 3 on GOG so that you guys can put it on your site.

    • No need we do not want you to get any trouble 😀 Anyway we already posted the game 😀 Really appreciate for the help you are offering thank you.

  12. Hey, its me again! Was curious if you’ll be adding the complete addition for control. I see that it was just dropped on GOG. Also, is there anything we can to help support the work you do here? Donation page? You provide so much amazing free content that you deserve some kind of compensation.

    • Hello, not sure if there will be available download link for the game but we’ve searched and it is not available so if it dropped before the game becomes available it is impossible to get the link sorry.

      Just help us show the ads we provide that would be a good help. We do not provide donation as this site provide free downloads for everyone unless we really need it and cant have a way to get funds anymore. So we are asking you to please bare with the ads with us. We are sorry if it is irritating coz its the only way we can find to support this website. Thanks for offer and suggestion we really appreciate it.

  13. I always feel guilty downloading from here. I hope to refund all the developers I have not paid the games for.

    Please continue encouraging your downloaders to support the developers.

  14. hi i just wanted to ask can you add DARK?. its a vampire game it might not show up as a result online but i did read that it was released for pc years ago

  15. I am having a problem to download this file to my android phone because the download link only goes to ad sites. Please check.

    Kind regards


    • Are you still having problem with this? Not sure about how our site works on android as this is purely for desktop as you can see we do not offer app for android.

  16. Wasn’t sure if my previous request/comment went through.. but imma ask again. Can you do the game Lisa: The Painful?

    but I assume if it’s not available on GOG, the game can’t be upload here?

    • Sorry we can only post games that were published by gog. 🙁 We would be happy to post the game you requested if it is available via gog.

  17. Hi there!!
    You should really think about a separate list for 64bit and 32 bit games. It is a real hassle to find good 32bit games amongst the many 64bit ones!

    Hope you will!! 🙂

    • We would love to but most of download links we find dont provide both so it is really hard for us to sort it that way. Please bare with us with what we can do for now. thanks for dropping by.

  18. Hey guys, thanks for everything you do. Just want to let you know that your Wasteland 3 upload is triggering a security error. In Chrome, it says “deceptive site ahead”.

    Just an FYI

    • You are always welcome. they are triggering that alert because of the ads we have so sorry. and please if see one on this page help us report a detection problem but if not its alright we do not really want to disturb you with it 😀

      THanks for the info we really appreciate it. Have fun and happy to have you here!

    • Hi Vyrric, we will be posting Monster Train later but sad to say that we couldn’t find download link for Warlords 3: Darklords Rising sorry. 🙁

      You are always welcome happy to have you here 😀

  19. Guys I appreciate all you’re doing on this amazing website. I played Fallout 3 thanks to you and I wish I could play Fallout 4…can you upload it? I don’t trust other websites so I hope you can upload it.

    • Hi Bazu, Thanks for dropping by and trust you gave us. We would love to but unfortunately, until now Fallout 4 is not available via gog website not sure if they are planning to release it.

  20. Now that the demand is high, perhaps you guys can get Endless Space 2 on here? I’m very interested in playing it, but make sure it’s a download that excludes the Awakening DLC, it ruins the game.