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Note: If you have a list of games make sure you check if it is available via gog always remember that we cannot post the game if gog didn’t released it. And please limit the list for 3 games only per comment to give us time for others concern/requests. Thank you for your cooperation and hope to give you all the best! 

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  1. Thanks a lot for ignoring my request for the Tomb Raider I-III Remastered (Patch 2) twice and then uploading it like nothing ever happened. Nice move! 🙂

    • Overseer / Teu Pai sorry for the inconvenience please next time you want to ask for update please use the game page comment as we are flooded on request here 🙁 Please take note, we do not really ignore comments just we have a lot right now.

    • Sorry we only post games that was released by gog and Cornucopia is not available at the moment we check 🙁

  2. is there any possibilities for “The Last Remnant” to be available here? the game has stopped being sold on steam and I don’t want to play it on android. I want to reminiscence on the old days by playing it on PC. thank you for your attention.

  3. keep up the good work guys you guys are the best I have one request please add old call of duty games not very old just after 2005 please, thank you.

    • Sorry Josh, there are no call of duty game available on gog at the moment so we can’t provide it 🙁

    • Hi hellokolla, Just posted the game please check 😀 hope it works for you. Have fun!

  4. A question here, didn’t find in your FAQ. Might be dumb for the PC experts.
    So if there is a new update of a game here and i want to update the game, do i have to uninstall the last update first?

    • Just install the new version on the same path and it will overwrite the old on 😀 hope this helps

  5. Could you upload Camp buddy?
    You have the second game “camp buddy: scoutmaster season” but not the first game that’s just called “Camp buddy”. Thank you very much! 🙂

    • Sorry only the second game made to gog and the other one is not available at the moment 🙁

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