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  1. Hello,
    I downloaded Worms 2, paid and installed.
    The game cannot be started.
    What is the problem?
    If I can’t start the game and play, I want my money back
    Thank you for your understanding

  2. heys guys first of all thanks for this amazing u holding… amazing title u got but i wanna make a request… can you get yours hands on STARNOVA IDOL EMPIRE another good japanime i wanna try before spending money to get it… pretty please mark my words if i can try it out i gunna buy it for sure… also since i kinda using banner blocker could it be possible to add a donate page since i want to encourage you guys working really hard as always for us…. and would like to be able to help you by donations once in awhile cause i know expenses u going thru holding a website… keeps good work and believe me i’m not that rich but wanna do my part to help… and dont want to disable ads blocker i paid each time i’m accessing your site or make a filter which i doesn’t know how to write for my pub blocker… anyway i don’t wanna write a novel here… lmao keep good work going!!

    • Hi, thanks for the concern on helping us we do not provide donation page we want our user to use it more on buying the games and we only rely on ads so if you are kind and really want to helps us you can disable your banner blocker one in a while. 😀

      Anyway, we have posted the game you requested and please be patient when downloading as the download link has low seed.

      We really appreciate your concern and happy to have you here. 😀

  3. wow so you nuked my request? ok ill do it without the link then

    can you please get one step from edin? i know its available via gog because i linked it twice and you guys disapproved of it

    • We have waited and searched for your requested game but still until now there’s no available gog download link sorry 🙁

  4. Hi, first of all, thanks for such a splendid website! You rock

    I’d like to request the new game Desperados 3. It’s completely new so I don’t expect it to be here soon. But I just wanted to request it anyways. No hurry.

    Thanks for everything and stay safe 🙂

    • We have posted the game you requested please check 😀

      You are always welcome, have fun and stay safe 😀

    • Hi,

      We have posted the complete supreme commander please check 😀

      But we are sorry until now there’s no available download link for firewarrior 40k

      • You sir are a prince among men thank you! here is a link for firewarrior if you can get it? (link removed)
        also can you get desperados III?

        • There are many people requesting for Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior but until now there’s no available download link for the game sorry 🙁

          Anyway, we have posted Desperados III please check 😀

  5. Cannot download more than one game.
    Now i have games in Bitcomet who are stays on 0%.
    I seems that my ip adress is banned when downloading a game with bitcomet.
    Great site ! NOT!
    Not recommended.

    • Problem is probably on your side. I downloaded dozen of games from this site and never had a problem. I’m using QBit Torrent and uTorrent.

  6. Hello, can you please add Life is Strange: Before the storm? It was recently added to GOG and i was wondering if i could give a couple of episodes a try before i buy.
    Thank you for your work!

  7. Is there any possibility of the game “Heat Signature” being added to y’alls library? If not, I understand, but it does not hurt to at least ask.

    • We couldn’t find the game at the moment 🙁 but we have posted Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders please check 😀

    • Just found your comment on spam sorry for late reply.

      The games you requested is not available via gog 🙁

    • Still not available download link for the game at the moment. We have posted the other game Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders please check

  8. Hi, I just wanted to know if we can be expecting to get Friday the 13th from you guys anytime soon.

    I know it is available through Codex games but i don’t use steam and I really prefer using your website for as many games as you offer.

    • If it becomes available via gog we will have a chance to find a download link for the game but right now the game is not available on the site sorry 🙁

  9. Any chance of any Spider-Man games hmm? Spider-Man 2, Ultimate Spider-Man, Shattered Dimensions, Web of Shadows, Edge of Time 😉 Love the site guys keep it up. Downloaded a bunch of Star Wars games from here, thanks!!

    • If gog releases them there is a chance we can post it here. but until now the games are still not available sorry 🙁

  10. Hello, how are you? First of all I would like to thank you for the work done by the website, congratulations. I’m from Brazil, and I’m having trouble accessing the site, the internet operator is blocking access, would there be any way for me to be able to access the site again normally?

    • Hi, we are fine thanks. 😀 You are always welcome 😀

      Not sure what you can use some use torbrowser or vpn.

  11. Hello. I was wondering if it would be possible for Omensight to be uploaded? I would be really grateful. Thank you.

  12. Quiero darles las gracias por el increíble trabajo que están haciendo. Hacía mucho tiempo que no sonreía frente a un computador. Un abrazo a todos desde Chile.

    • Translated:
      I want to thank you for the amazing work that you are doing. It had been a long time since I had smiled in front of a computer. A hug to all from Chile.

      Our reply:
      You are always welcome 😀 We are happy to have you here. Have fun!

    • We tried searching but still no available download link 🙁 but don’t worry once found we will post it 😀

  13. Hi, is it safe to move folder from “C:\GOG Games” to another folder by just cut-pasting it? This is because my C drive is very limited.

  14. hey there
    i like your site
    its very convenient
    if you could share these game, that would be nice.
    of orcs and men; styx: master of shadows; styx: shards of darkness; deus ex human revolution;

    keep up the good work.

    • We are very sorry to inform you that we tried searching for the games you have requested but didn’t find any download links 🙁

  15. Hello, thank you for all your work, however I am requesting one game, if you could, it’s called Falcon Collection on

    Thank you in advance

    • We have posted the game 😀 please be patient when download as this has minimal seeders

      You are always welcome have fun

  16. Loving the site keep up the good work, would it be possible for you guys the add the life is strange games to your library?

    • We have searched for the game but until now there are no available download link 🙁 but dont worry once found we will post it 😀

  17. thank you for your job,can i ask a request? it’s possible to upload the latest version of Dead Cells?? thank you so much,you have made my quarantine better than i aspect

    • We have checked but the latest we can find is already on the list. sorry 🙁

      We will post the update once found.

      You are always welcome happy to have you here 😀

    • We have searched this game for long time now but until now there are no available download link. 🙁 Dont worry once found we will post it 😀

  18. hey guys, can u please upload dungeon siege 1 amd 2 GOG versions please? and in .exe please not .iso
    thank you

    • Still until now there are no available download link for the game 🙁 but don’t worry once found we will post it 😀

    • Sorry we can only provide Windows version here. The reason is that we do not have linux base system to test the games for linux. 🙁

  19. Can you post Elderscrolls V Skyrim I really want to play it and this is the only website i can trust to download the games.

    • Thanks for the trust you gave us 😀

      But we are really sorry the game is still not available not available via gog until now 🙁

  20. Hey peeps, Really appreciate the work ya’ll doing here; been especially beneficial during COVID 19 lockdown ;] I am having problems seeding games from this site, downloaded about 5+ games with qbitorrent after DL has been completed, it says seeding but with a black DL arrow I then force resume but it rarely works or seeds at an extremely slow rate 0.5 over 12+ hours. Have fiber optic 200mb speeds with strong upload speed. Any advice on how to seed better the games I DL to help this Site?

    • Thank you very much for the help seeding games 😀 we really appreciate it.

      Not sure about is as we do not have idea about the client you use 🙁
      If you want to seed just let it be coz maybe the game you are seeding has a lot of seeders and just getting small parts on your side 😀

      We are happy to have you here and you are always welcome 😀

  21. Hello! thank you for everything you do. could you please add the game Jump King? id really appreciate it! thanks again 😀

  22. Heya!
    Thanks so much for keeping this site up!
    I hate to get these games for free since I want to support the developers. But since I can’t afford to buy games, this is a great way of still enjoying my hobby!
    I know it might be a hard one to get, but I would REALLY want to see Red Dead Redemption 2 🙂

    And also, a tip would be to create a multiplayer option in the menu.

    Cheers, and thanks once again!

    • You are always welcome and our pleasure to serve 😀

      Its alright but if can please do support them.

      Sorry he game you requested is not available via gog. 🙁 But once it becomes available a found the link we will surely post it 😀

      • thank you so much! glad one of the games i wanted was available! and it is downloading real quick! i also noticed that when i came on to freegogpcgames, it would automatically send me to an strange site and wouldnt let me get into the games itself to download, had to stop the page loading just to keep myself on the site. Might wanna get that checked out, anyways ty so much for the game! i will buy it down the road if i like it 😀

  23. Bonjour, je n’arrive plus a télécharger des jeux, je pense que c’est du au faite que je n’ai pas partager le fichier que j’ai précédemment télécharger sur votre site.
    une personne m’a dit que je doit partager mon téléchargement, mais comment faire? je ne savait pas et possible de me débloquer cela?
    merci, cordialement


    Hello, I can’t download games anymore, I think it’s because I didn’t share the file I previously uploaded to your site.
    someone told me i should share my download, but how do i do that? I did not know and possible to unblock myself this?
    Thank you Best regards

  24. Hi guys, first of all thank you so much for elightening people’s days with your games varying from classics to modern titles, keep up the great work!
    I’m new to requests but, do you guys think you could get a hold of Neon Abyss, it just came out today and looks so badass!!!
    Thank you again for everything you’ve done for people in these hard times! 😀

    • You are always welcome and happy to serve 😀

      We tried searching for the link of the game but it is not available but don’t worry once found a link we will surely post it 😀

  25. Could you please add the game Conflict: Desert Storm? I couldn’t find any good torrent of it and the game is available on so that wouldn’t be a big problem, right? I would be glad to find the game on your site. You guys are truly heroes

    • We tried searching but there are no well seeded download link for the game 🙁 Don’t worry once found we will post it 😀

      • I noticed that the game is now listed on your site but as you said the link is not well seeded as it seems right now so I will have to wait untill the situation with this has changed but anyways thank you very much for trying I know that you’re doing your best and it is really great to see how much you care for your community’s requests you’re doing a great job with this site!

  26. How do you manage this site? More specifically : how do you avoid sharing infected games? Is one of you knowledgeable in software security? Are you always the original seeder of the torrent? How long do you have to seed it until you can abandon it?

  27. First of all, I would like to commend your work. The website is great. If possible, I would like to place an order … I am a huge fan of point and click games and I would like to have Secret Files 2 and 3, and Secret Files: Sam Peters available. Thank you.

    • Thanks for dropping by 😀

      Until now the only available game that has link is Secret Files: Tunguska 🙁 Couldn’t find the others sorry

    • Sorry the only available games via gog are:

      Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
      Star Trek: Judgment Rites
      Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
      Star Trek: Starfleet Command Gold Edition

  28. Hey guys – There’s a redirect issue on your site. Can you look at your logs and block I keep getting forced to this website that attempts to execute javascript in my browser rather than Thanks!

    • We have check and removed the ads that we suspect doing this please let us know if you still encounter the problem thanks for the report we really appreciate it.

      sorry about the trouble 🙁

  29. Any chance you guys can upload FATE OF ORT . It looks like a creative RPG with a different approach that has gotten a lot of great reviews –and it is on the GOG site.

    • Sorry we tried searching for download link of the game but failed 🙁 but don’t worry once found we will post it 😀

  30. Hi,
    Can you get Space Hulk: Deathwing, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 and Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Posted Space Hulk: Deathwing and we will be posting the other games you have request later this day after we have tested it. 😀

      Please be patient

      You are welcome 😀

  31. Ehm.. Is it normal to get redirected to sites like “Confirm notificaton” “FixYourBrowser” “Dequestig”? i know ads support this but… Sometimes it takes 3 attempts to actually get in.
    I love to pause adblock in places like this, already downloaded two games, but after these “incidents” (’cause idk if it is normal) i’m afraid of doing so.

    • We are sorry about that we removed the code that is suspected causing it. Please do let us know if you still encounter that problem. Thanks.

  32. you have an advertisement tha redirects the user to another page for porn. check it because you will lose visitors that way….

    • Tried fixing it please let us know if you still encounter the problem or if it is already fix. thanks sorry for the trouble 🙁

    • dude
      just use adblock, or right-click those links
      anyway, these pop-ups are contributing to the admin’s bills, so he/she could continue maintaining the site for us, fans of free GOG PC games 😉

  33. I noticed a lot of people request the same games just a suggestion to make it easier on you guys, maybe make a list of all the games already requested and ask people to check it before requesting 🙂

    • Thats is really not a problem we provided all you need to find the game but some don’t use it 🙁

      You can use the Search box and A-Z page to find the games you want and if it is not available you can request it.

  34. Hi! Just wanted to say you guys do a great job and all, I have a few games downloaded that are GOG games that you don’t have on here, they’re all malware-free and work smoothly I was wondering if there was a way I can donate them to you or send you the links I got them from. <3

    • Thanks for trying to help us but we do not want to get you in trouble. We really appreciate it and hope you understand.

  35. Hi

    Will you upload Carrion, if it becomes available?

    I played with the sneak peek demo and it was awesome.

    It’s a metroidvania-like reversed horror game, where you ARE the Monster.

    • Hello,

      We will be posting the game later this day please be patient. Hope that it works for you 😀 have fun!

  36. Firefox is blocking me from accessing the page for Superhot: Mind, Control, Delete. It says “Deceptive site ahead”. Perhaps ad trouble?

    • That’s because of the ads google is blocking it 🙁 have you check right now? its been fixed by google itself

  37. Bro, Can u upload infamous 2 or Watchdogs, coz I have been searching it for a long time and I kinda like to download it from u guys. I have already downloaded nearly 15 games of yours, and I wish I could download these too
    Infamous 2 and

    • We will be posting the game you requested after we are done testing it. Please be patient when downloading as this has only one seeder and the only download link we can find. Please seed so that other users can also download the game 😀

  38. Hello. Is there anyway to include the first Galactic Civilizations, since there are the second and third installment of the series?

    • Sorry until now we couldn’t find a seeded download link for the game that is why it is still not available on this site 🙁

  39. Hello! first of all thanks for all the fantastic masterpieces that you added on your site, I wanted to ask you if you could insert Life is Strange.
    I understand that it is difficult to do it, I hope you can do it.
    goodbye and good luck!

    • You are always welcome 😀

      Sorry that game was requested many time but until now there’s no available download link. 🙁 But don’t worry once found we will post it for sure 😀

  40. yo im back again with another request!

    Once it becomes available via yer providers do you think you can try and post Destroy All Humans!!! Remake, i know its on gog site so its a matter of time before yer providers post it! Thanks in advance!

  41. hello can you guys upload dead space 2. I’ve finished dead space 1 and it seems you don’t have dead pace 2 and 3. I hope that u can have this games. Thank you

  42. Hey guys, is there any chance you guys upload the Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War Complete Collection or Anthology? Thanks in advance

  43. Is it possible that you could update Barony to the latest version with all the latest DLCs? Epic Games is being a shit giving out free copies but restricting play because the “computer’s hardware” doesn’t support the game’s requirements, even though my friend with a dual core 32 bit shitbrick of a PC managed to run Barony by downloading from this website.

  44. Hi, i have a few more game suggestions, if you can add them, Im grateful 🙂

    -Monolith and dlc
    -Gekido Kintaro s Revenge
    -Speed Brawl
    -Anima: Gate of Memories
    -BlazBlue Calamity Trigger
    -Dustforce DX

    • Request results:

      -Monolith and dlc = no download link
      -Gekido Kintaro s Revenge = no download link
      -Speed Brawl = posted
      -Anima: Gate of Memories = posting later this day
      -BlazBlue Calamity Trigger = no seeded link
      -Dustforce DX – posting later this day
      -GAROU MARK OF THE WOLVES = no download link
      -THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII = no download link
      -THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UNLIMITED MATCH = no download link

      Most of the games you requested are not available sorry. 🙁

  45. Hi! Thanks for all your do. I’ve gotten to try out so many games!
    Can I put in a request for “Fury Unleashed” ? Thanks!

    (link removed)

  46. Hello,
    can you please make this available?
    Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls

    I checked on GoG and it’s there…thanks in advance!

    • Yes its on gog but still no available download link 🙁 but don’t worry once found we will surely post it 😀

  47. Heya,

    Could it be possible to have Hellpoint?
    (the game just launched on GOG, and it’s one of those game with a lot of bugs on day one, so it might be wiser to wait a more stable version before posting it here though)


  48. I simply adore this website it provided me with so many hours of joy.
    I have to ask what are the odds of Bioware games being added like Mass Effect games,Dragon Age 2 etc.?

  49. Could you upload Universe Sandbox (version 25.2 right) or.. well, I guess it’s technically Universe Sandbox 2, though they’ve superscripted it before to make it look like the “2” is like instead of US2, it’s US “squared”?

    Regardless, I THINK this one is on GOG, not sure.

    • We have posted the game you have requested but not sure if that’s what you are looking for as there’s only one game on gog. please check 😀 InDevelopement version is 25.1.1

    • Sorry, we still didn’t posted that game here 🙁

      Tried searching but there’s no available download link for the game 🙁

  50. Hey man I’m looking for Dark Messiah of might and magic but i can’t find the game in trusted sources, can you may add it? It’s not on GoG but considering that Dragons Dogma is available, DMoMM could be here as well. Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks for the trust 😀

      But sorry, the game is still not available via gog and we only post games that was released by them. 🙁 Don’t worry once it becomes available we will post it here.

  51. Is there any chance that Hellpoint will be making its way here? I noticed its on gog main site. If not then no worries, this website is wonderful ^_^

  52. Blasphemous DLC Stir of Dawn is already released on Steam, do you know if is released on GOG? It would be wonderful if you upload it <3

    • Have you tried restarting uTorrent if you are using it? we tested the links and they still have decent seeders please check again 🙁

  53. Thanks again for all that you do. Any chance you guys can upload LITTLEWOOD game from GOG? It is getting great reviews.

    • Sorry we tried searching for the game but still no available download link. 🙁 don’t worry once we find it we will post it 😀

  54. Please can you update the game Age of civilizations 2 to newest version i dont want to play the old one. I will be happy if you will update it.

  55. Just Cause, Grand Theft Auto, C&C Generals Zero Hour, Company of Heroes, Need for Speed, Call of Duty, F1, Resident Evil, Farcry, State of Decay.

    Any of the above and any version/part/as long as it has the name.

    • Sorry we can only post games that were published via gog site most of the games you requested are not available via gog 🙁

    • Thanks for trusting us. Happy to have you here 😀

      Anyway, we tried searching for the game but unfortunately there are no seeded download link found sorry 🙁

  56. You deleted my request for Hellpoint 🙁

    Guess ill have to buy it then and try it out….was hoping to try the game before buying

    • We do not delete any comments unless it went to spam as it is automatically deleted 🙁

      Anyway, sorry for our late response and we have posted the game late 🙁

  57. For some reason my comment isn’t showing, anyway was hoping you could upload Duke Nukem 3D & manhattan project, would be much appreciated!

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