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  1. Hi! Just wanted to thank you for your work.
    I usually buy games on GOG, but it’s always good to try them before!


  2. Hi There!
    By chance can you upload Ion Maiden? at the moment there is only a Demo since it is in Early Access,and I want to check it out before buying it. Thank you!

  3. Hi Freegogpcgames ,

    Your site rocks !!! Got multiple games allready all works perfectly !!! I know its barely new but gog released the Diablo 1 back do you guyz got that one !!! I would love to have that new version !!!!!

    Grtz Wade

  4. Found a Diablo torrent (literally just minutes ago) but don’t know if it’s clean or working. Will update this as soon as I’m comfortable with the content.

  5. Hi , Can you please upload the Diablo 1 from gog …. i know its just a few days old … but i would love to play it …

  6. It would be helpful if each post had a list of what’s included in the torrent, even if it’s just filenames. Game and DLC versions are in the name, and in many torrents you don’t know if/what DLC are in them. As it is now, we have to download most torrents to see what’s in them.

    • Actually, you can see the files before you download the game. Utorrent will show you if all the files and will give you the option to check or uncheck the files you want to download. 🙁

      • Only for games that are not compressed in one (or multiple) RAR files. Maybe I just had a bad streak of such cases, but for me it’s the most common from the links I’ve tried.

  7. Hi There!
    By chance can you upload Ion Maiden? At the moment there is only a Demo since it is in Early Access, and I want to check it out before buying it. Thank you!
    For some reason my older comment is waiting for moderation…

  8. Hi,
    Please can you add Star Trek – Birth of the Federation and also Star Trek – Starship Creator? Your website is fantastic!

    • Thanks 😀

      But sorry, we couldn’t find gog download link for the game you have requested 🙁 but dont worry once found we will post it 😀

  9. Oooh! I just saw The Escapists 2 on GOG along with the season pass and individual DLCs! Please post these as soon as you find them! Thank you!

  10. Can you upload Bannermen? Thanks a lot guys! You’re awesome!
    IF you can’t I ALWAYS appreciate your work!!
    Many many Thanks


  11. Hi. First, I fucking love your website! and for keeping these free full games from gog! more power man! you’re making the world better and free! 😀

    And I just have a suggestion and wishing it you will do it soon.
    Can you add a filter on “search” like, “date released year” etc.?
    because I want to search and download games from 2000 to 2003 only, or any other year. so i just wish to have a “date released year” filter on search function. and Im really hoping you will make it soon man. Thanks! and more power! 😀

    • We will discuss this and do your request once decided as this will be huge work for the team 🙁

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  12. On March 15, 2019 I downloaded RAYMAN:ORIGINS. Today on Thursday March 21, 2019 I received a letter/ notice that I have an alleged infringement of one or more copyrighted works made over my internet service. My IP address has been reported. I contacted my ISP and told them that this site does not host games that infringe the DMCA and are DRM free. Am I correct to assume RAYMAN: ORIGINS and the rest of the RAYMAN franchise are OK to dDL from this site?

  13. could you upload munches oddysee and oddworld strangers oddysee (i think thats what its called) but the original versions, as i know the HD ones are here, but i have a low end computer, so i can only play they original versions. thanks

  14. Hello there, i’ve got a little request of a game called “killing time” it’s been a long time i wanna play it again, thanks and great place by the way

  15. Hi all. Great site! Any chance of seeing GOG’s “Surviving Mars – First Colony Edition” at some point please? 🙂

  16. Could You Guys Please Upload Medal Of Honor Warfighter.

    It would be great to see it here in the collection😌

    Thanks For All The Games.

    – A Grateful Gamer.

  17. Hey guys. Looking for a few old classics. Will donte $10 for each game you can upload to a charity of your choice 🙂

    1. Vietcong

    2. Command & Conquer Generals (With Zero Hour expansion)

    3. Myth

    • Sorry, we do not accept any donations on this site as we are only offering this for free. 🙁

      Anyway, all the games you requested is not available via gog 🙁
      (we are only posting games that we released via gog here)

  18. Hi thanks for the awesome site. Is very nice having you offering theses games to us. Can you guys please fix the link from the game giana sisters ? when I click the torrent opens but shows nothing to download. Maybe no one is seeding ?

    • You are always welcome 😀

      Sorry we tried searching for other download link but this is the only available link we can find. The download link is not seeded anymore but dont worry once found a new download link we will surely update it.

  19. Hello, can you please add Necrovision Games?
    I saw that there are 2 games on GOG websites.
    I’d really appreciate it if it’s put here too
    Thank you in advance

  20. Can you upload warcraft_bundle? Thanks a lot, guys! You’re awesome!
    If you can’t I ALWAYS appreciate your work!!
    Many many Thanks

  21. Hi great work on the site, with an amazing collection of games, please can you add soldier of fortune and surviving mars

  22. Hi, can you change information about program to download torrents to qBittorrent. It is a lot of safer, free and open source. uTorrent is proprietary, so it can have inside a backdoors and have a lot of ads.

    So this text
    Please note that you need uTorrent to download the game.
    If you are kind enough please don’t forget to share

    I would change to this
    Please note that you need qBittorrent(Link removed by admin) to download the game.
    If you are kind enough please don’t forget to share

    • Sorry but we do not really use qBittorrent so we can’t support you with that 🙁

      But if want to use it then it is your choice we do not really force you to use uTorrent its just that’s we are comfortable with 🙁

  23. I wish request so much the Warcraft I & II Bundle “(link removed by admin) warcraft_bundle”, my favorite games and rts since my childwood!

    • We already posted Hitman Absolution please check. 😀

      But sorry still couldn’t find Hitman Blood Money until now 🙁

  24. Can you upload Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, I haven’t seen it here at all, I really want to play it and I’m sure many others feel the same

  25. Hi
    i love what you guys are doing i have a request i would love to get: f-16 Multirole fighter: it’s from Novalogic and i have found almost all the Novalogic games on GOG but not f-16 Multirole fighter,
    if you can find it i know a lot of folks would love that but if not can you upload the : Delta force collection from Novalogic
    Thank you very much
    best of luck

  26. Can you please add TIS-100 game, its dev same with SHENZHEN I/O
    And also still no update on frostpunk please dont forget it 🙂
    Thanks for your effort. Wish you best and good luck.

    • We have posted the the game you requested and updated the the download link for frostpunk to the latest we can find. 😀

      You are always welcome 😀

  27. We are so sorry for our late response with all the comments as we are having problems with our ISP at the moment we will responds to all the comments once we are already have solve our problem 🙁

    We are really sorry… Thanks for understanding…

  28. could you please upload

    Soldier of Fortune: Platinum Edition
    Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix – Gold Edition
    Soldier of Fortune: Payback

    • We only found Soldier of Fortune: Platinum Edition (posted already) Please check

      sorry for the other games didn’t find any download link 🙁

  29. I used your service to get a few games. I have been contacted by my service provider regarding one said game concerning copy infringement. Are all the games you feature above the board and proper for distribution? I am given the impression that they were supposed to be.

  30. First of all cracking selection of games and do keep up the good work.
    Any chance we could get Soldier of fortune 1 or 2 and perhaps Battlestar Galactic Deadlock?

  31. I wanted to give you money but these pop ups are very annoying. The web site is useless without uBlock, the behavior forces me to use it, very sad. Can you remove it please?

  32. Hey! The search function keeps returning an error to me. The rest of the website seems to work fine. Please advise.

  33. Everytime i try a download nothing happens in the torrent and it doent show the contents of the download or connects to any seeds, and the title says magnet and the ramdom numbers. I tried from diferent sites and the torrent works fine without problem, its just from this site that nothing happens

    • Not sure what the problem but have you tried other download links on our site? We test all the download link here before you post it. 🙁

      Please specify the download links where you get problems with.

  34. your torrents doenst seem to be working, i tried several from your site and some others from diferent ones and only yours doent seem to be working, because its not showing what im downloading in the utorrent program and the name always show magnet folowed by some random numbers

  35. your torrent doent seem to be working, i tried severall from you and some others from others websites and those work fine but not yours. When i click to download it opens the torrent with the file to download, but it doent show any of the files that im downloading nor it connets to peers and sometimes the title of the download says magnet followed by a bunch of numbers.

  36. I have read your “About us” section, but it is still unclear if the games uploaded to this page are pirated games uploaded by users ?, or if they are games purchased by users and uploaded to this page as if were giving away ?, Thank you very much: D

  37. hi guys,
    you are great to create such web page and share these old days dream games with us.
    I’ve found many of my old days great games.
    Thanks a lot.
    you are amazing

  38. Guys, we are really sorry for our delay on all the comments and errors as we are having issues with our server lately. But do not worry, think all the issues are fixed right now. 😀 Hopping for your patience thanks to all your support.

    Freegogpcgames team

  39. Can you upload Star Wars Battlefront I (2004)? GOG has just launched it two weeks ago. (Battlefront II is already in this page). Thanks, you’re the best guys!!

  40. We are so sorry for the delay on the comments at the moment as we are facing problems with our server and manage to move it… we will be back on answering comments once it is all settled and problems are solved… Hopping for you patience and understanding…

    Thank you very much…

    Best Regards,
    Freegogpcgames team

  41. Hello, can you please upload STAR WARS Battlefront 1 (2004), but the new GOG version that release a few days ago? Thank you!!

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