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If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to let us know. We will be very happy to help or aswer all your queries. Please use the comments box below. Thank you…

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Note: If you have a list of games make sure you check if it is available via gog always remember that we cannot post the game if gog didn’t released it. And please limit the list for 3 games only per comment to give us time for others concern/requests. Thank you for your cooperation and hope to give you all the best! 

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    1. Sorry El, we are only sharing this games and it is copyrighted to the devs so it is illegal mostly if you do not buy it. 🙁

      1. Digital rights management (DRM) is a way to protect copyrights for digital media. GOG offers DRM-free games so you can install it without Serial CODE needed

    2. Hello, I don’t have a specific game request, but a suggestion for the website. I think adding a “trending” tab for this website would be a very welcome addition. Either by being able to sort games through ratings, ordered by amount, or simply what games are being downloaded the most currently. This would help users navigate through your large library of games and find out what games are trending that they would find interesting. I understand if my suggestion is not possible due to no knowledge of how to implement such features, lack of payment, etc. nevertheless, I wanted to express my suggestion in hopes of at least a response. I appreciate the work being done in this website.

      1. Hi Luis Benett, thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately we are low on resources so it is impossible to implement it. The best alternative we have already on the website is Today’s Popular Games Widget. We are really sorry for the inconvenience, thats all we can offer 🙁

      2. I appreciate your response and I understand, thank you for your time. May I ask about the widget you mentioned and how to use it?

      3. Hey guys, I just found out your website. I’ve been looking for a certain game I played 15-20 years ago. All I can remember is it’s a side-scrolling shooter game and the character I control uses strange weapons like a grenade that releases nails/thorns; a gun that covers his opponent in jelly; he also says “yeap” and I remember a stage/level that has sea mines. Do you guys know what game this is?

      4. Hi. Can you have Jagged Alliance games? All parts are available on GOG. Here is a list of the Jagged Alliance games

        Jagged Alliance
        Jagged Alliance: Rage!
        Jagged Alliance 2
        Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire
        Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games
        Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business

        And I have a question about that. Will the above-mentioned games appear on your website?
        I am waiting for your reply very quickly and best regards.

        1. Hello Adrian Smutek, most of the game you mentioned are already on this website have you tried searching? Only the first game is not available and we will try to find it and make it available here.

          Sorry for our late response we got allot of requests lately 🙁

        1. Hi tom, GemCraft – Frostborn Wrath is the only game we found in gog. We already posted it please check 😀

        1. We are really sorry Jacko, we tried searching but didn’t find a download link for the game 🙁 but don’t worry once found we will surely post it

      5. Hi, Thank you for this awesome site, I found so many games that that I use to play and could get all nostalgic over again. Is it possible to get Age of Mythology for Windows 10. I have the original but is does not want to play in Win10.

        1. Hello Martha, you are always welcome 😀 Glad to know that you are enjoying.

          Anyway, we are really sorry the game you requested was not released on gog 🙁

      6. could it be possible to request anno 2070? its hard to come by a safe and decent torrent and since i trust this website it would be wonderful to get a chance to play the gog version.
        other 2 ganes that i would like to request would be Lords and Villeins and Imperium Romanum.
        I hope that im not asking for too much

        1. Hi Techyman, sorry anno 2070 is not available on gog 🙁 But we have manage to post Lords and Villeins and Imperium Romanum. Hope it works for you.

          Not a problem, it is always a pleasure to serve 🙂

      7. Am I to greedy to ask Darkest Dungeon 2 since it was released yesterday? XD Great job you boys and girls are doing.. Keep on fighting…

        1. Hi Alexander, no it is not but we’ve searched and and it is still not available sorry 🙁 But don’t worry once it becomes available and found the game we will surely post it.

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