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Note: If you have a list of games make sure you check if it is available via gog always remember that we cannot post the game if gog didn’t released it. And please limit the list for 3 games only per comment to give us time for others concern/requests. Thank you for your cooperation and hope to give you all the best! 

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commie donkey
1 month ago

Just wanna say thank for responding to my vagrus update request so quickly 🙂

1 month ago

Could you please update Chained Echoes to the newest version 1.1? Thanks, and love the site by the way!

1 month ago
Reply to  freegogpcgames

Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

29 days ago

World Championship Boxing Manager 2
Current downlad version: January 17 2023.
Game was updated according to publisher on February 24 2023.
Maybe this update is available on GOG the meantime?
Any chance of putting the new version for download?

The games
24 days ago

Can you please update City Game Studio to the latest version?

18 days ago

The Demon Lord is New in Town torrent is dead.

10 days ago

There appears to be a newer version available for Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, which is v2.2.14

10 days ago

Hi, would it be possible to update Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord to the oldest version ? Thank you in advance

5 days ago

Check out my concept for your website please.

Home page:

Home page scrolled down:

Details game:

Details game scrolled down:

4 days ago
Reply to  freegogpcgames

Not interested? 🙂
I didn’t mean to offer the whole design, just to note some details, like “Request update” or “Filter”. Little things like that make the site friendlier.

I apologize for my bad English! 😑

4 days ago

Hi, may I request a game called ‘A little to the left’, thank you so much!

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