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This is our Frequently Ask Questions page. You can find question and answer that might help you quickly regarding to your questions. If you can’t find answers for your question please use the comment section and we will do our best to help you solve it.

All games here are installers / . exe directly from gog. So if you have problems make sure you have run the exe files as administrator to avoid it.

What is DRM-Free?

Answer: DRM-Free, or Digital Rights Management-Free, refers to digital content, such as software, games, music, or e-books, that is distributed without any copy protection or restrictions. In DRM-Free products, users have the freedom to make copies, transfer the content between devices, and use it without requiring specific software or online activation. DRM-Free content puts the control and ownership of the purchased product directly in the hands of the consumer, allowing for greater flexibility and long-term accessibility. It is often favored by individuals who value user rights, preservation, and the ability to enjoy their purchased content without limitations or reliance on digital rights management technologies.

How to download the game (magnet links) using Torrent client?

Answer: You will need to download and install a torrent download client before you start downloading. But do not worry Torrent download clients are free! You can go here for more info and download links.

The download link is not starting what to do?

Answer: Please make sure to enable DHT, Peer Exchange (PeX) and Local Peer Discovery (or LSD) in your torrent clients option. If you waited for so long and still the download didn’t start please let us know and request for link update on the game page comments section, it means that the link don’t have seeders anymore.

Download link not opening?

Answer: Chrome is always blocking popups on our website recently. Please go to this PAGE you will know how to make this site works perfectly without any problems on clicking the magnet links we provided to download the game.

Encountered ERRORS when installing and playing games?

Answer: If you want to play most of the games you will need to setup your system (desktop or laptop) and install the software’s to run all the games.

The three main software’s are:

Microsoft Visual C++

Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft DirectX

Now things like Microsoft Visual C++ goes back a long way, as far back as 2005 for you to be able to run a lot of games without problems, so depending on games your running you will need a few of the packages.

Listed below are the packs which are recommended:

Microsoft Visual C++

2005 (64bit) // 2005 (86bit)

2008 (64bit) // 2008 (86bit)

2010 (64bit) // 2010 (86bit)

2012 (64bit) // 2012 (86bit)

2013 (64bit) // 2013 (86bit)

Visual C++ 2015 to 2019 (64bit) // Visual C++ 2015 to 2019 (86bit)

Microsoft .NET Framework

Only one needed, this will install the required one for your computer and latest version.

Microsoft DirectX

Only one needed, this will install the required one for your computer and latest version.

All the links above are official and trusted microsoft links.


Official Site & Download.

OpenAL is becoming more popular these days especially with indie games so if you have the OpenAL error then use the above link to fix it.


Official Site & Download.

Java is another software that can fix a few game related problems such as those with Project Zomboid or Minecraft which require it to play.

That should hopefully fix your problems 99% of the time. The only other errors you will more than likely come across are .dll errors and for that you can find some of the most common fixes on my other blog post here.

Also note that most games you get now a days have a folder called_CommonRedist inside and it is highly suggested that you install everything in that folder for the game to run correctly.

I hope this post will help you with some problems you may encounter and please do feel free to let us know of anything else I can add or something I may of missed. Thank you and happy gaming!

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How to run the game in compatibility mode?

Answer: You can visit this page for more info:

-or watch this video-

YouTube video

How to run the game as administrator?

YouTube video