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    • Hi Janpawel2, we’ve already added both game hope that you’ve already downloaded it. sorry for our late response

    • Hi Percy, all comments here are moderated before it goes live that is why you don’t see them. Anyway, we have already posted the game and hope you’ve already downloaded it. Have fun 😀

      (deleted your other comments)

    • Hi murat, sorry monitored this for too long but until now the latest version we can find is already posted but don’t worry once found we will post it. hopw that we are not too late.

  1. Request: Upload
    Thank you

    • Sorry straffehendrick, we can only post games that were released from gog and right now the game you’ve requested is not available 🙁

  2. Hello!
    I know Resident Evil series are not on GOG, but can you somehow get GOG to add them or just add torrents for it yourself? I’ve been waiting for GOG to add Resident Evil games, but I don’t know how long it will take. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Niko, sorry we would like to post it but this site is strictly for gog games only and no plans to post not gog games. 🙁

    • Sorry Opium, still couldn’t find latest version but dont worry once found we will update it.

    • HI sapito, managed to download this again and seeding at the moment please check. sorry for our late response.

    • Hi Micro, we have just posted the game you’ve requested please check. we are really sorry for our late response 🙁

  3. Support,
    I love GOG, and thank you…I have a question and a problem, that will be my question. I downloaded the Gabriel Knight collection and I just finished Gabriel Knight “The Beast Within”. Ok so that was a really good game and I installed the next game, Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned…installation was fine, but when I attempt to play the game, it says “Please insert CD 1. As you know, I don’t have a CD or even an ISO image I can mount, so I don’t know what to do, would you please help me?

    • Hi Larry, you are always welcome. 😀

      Sometimes with gog version you need to run the installation as administrator. Have you done it? If not please do give admin rights mostly if you are installing it on your system drive (C:) Hope this helps. Just let us know if you still need help.

  4. Ogni volta che navigo nel Vostro sito si aprono pagine Url pubblicitarie; inoltre appare sempre la finestra di Adblocker che non ho installato nel mio browser – e mi impedisce di navigare nel vostro sito Vi prego di risolvere al più presto questo problema. Grazie Jax !

    Every time I browse your site, URL advertising pages open; in addition, the Adblocker window that I have not installed in my browser always appears – and prevents me from browsing your site Please fix this problem as soon as possible. Thanks Jax!

  5. Ciao sono Mirco ogni volta che navigo nel vostro sito
    si aprono pagine url pubblicitarie che danno fastidio
    inoltre mi esce spesso l’avviso di adblocker che mi
    impedisce di navigare nonostante nel mio browser non
    ho installato nessuno adblocker.
    Spero risolviate al più presto il problema Grazie Mirco !

    Hi, I’m Mirco every time I browse your site
    advertising url pages open that annoy you
    also I often get the adblocker notice that I
    prevents you from browsing despite not in my browser
    i have installed no adblocker.
    I hope to solve the problem as soon as possible Thanks Mirco!

  6. Hey, could you update House party since it left early access and the 1.0 version just released on GOG, Thank you.
    GOG Link:

  7. Would like to add some GOG game like Stronghold: Warlords – Rise of the Shogun Campaign (, please

  8. Hello freegogpcgames,

    Could you please update “The Incredible Machine Mega Pack” (, the main reason for this request is to have a signed installer.

    Many thanks for the great work!

    • Hi Mitch, we have updated the game with the latest version we can get. Hope it works for you. happy gaming 😀
      Sorry for our late response.

    • Hi melc, (1.0.14) is still the latest version we can find at the moment but dont worry once found we will update the game.

  9. decision: red daze is fun game
    Decision is currently on Update 2 you uploaded update 1 just as 2 came out

    • Hi Aleccia Rosewater, sorry for our late response, until now the latest version found is Update1 but don’t worry once found we will update the post 😀

    • Hi Osvaldinho 157, the latest version from gog util now is2021_07_04 you can check here:

      Sorry for our late response 🙁

  10. Hi! I am Radu Teodorescu I have asked you if you can upload the game STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. KLIGNON HONOR GUARD from 1998 and I have no answer from you. This game is no longer on the market so I can buy it because is very old. I thought maybe you can upload it.
    Thank you!

  11. Hello guys.
    Could you add The Tale of Bistun and Endling: Extinction is Forever when you find them?
    Thanks in advance 😀

  12. Hi guys. This is one of my favourites sites.
    I would like to ask if can you upload the spanish version of the monkey island games?. At least, those who are available in spanish.
    Tank you very much.

    PD: english isn’t my main language. Sorry if something sounds weird.

    • Hi Nico, sorry for our late response 🙁 We have posted the Monkey Island Collection and some game has localization included. Please check hope it works for you.

      Thanks for the trust you gave us. have fun 😀

  13. Heya FreeGOG tema,
    Please can you update the game Riftbreaker and add the extension “Riftbreaker: Metal Terror”?

    Thx in adavance for your help and for all your great job.

    • Hi Alreen92, just updated the game have seen it. it includes new dlc hope it works for you 😀 have fun!

  14. Hey, awesome site!

    Please add the recently released Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II. I’d really like to try it before I buy I buy it.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  15. Warhammer Gladius Relics Of War have been updated to 1.10.1 recently, is it possible for you to update it to that version?

    • Hi Zero, not sure what is the problem but we are still seeding the game at the moment. If you are new here please make sure to read our FAQs page to know more. Note: make sure you have installed a download client before downloading the game.

  16. Hi there. Ive been trying to download “Lair of the clockwork God” and ” My memory of us” and although torrent opens them they just don’t download. I left them on there for a couple of hours but no movement at all. I jusy wondered if you could help but if not no problem. Thanks.

    • Hi Ray Hoff, we are sorry for our late reply 🙁 we have manage to download the game mentioned and now we are seeding it to make sure you will get it. please check.

    • Yes JohnStar145, we have posted the game please check its the latest version we can find 😀 Have fun!

    • Sorry Alfred, it is still the latest version we can find at the moment. But don’t worry once found we will update the game.

  17. Game Request – Hey there, great selection but is there any chance of you adding Stray, love using your site to try games out and if they are any good I buy the game to support the developer.

    • Thanks for dropping by Michael, But sorry Stray is not available on gog so at moment it is impossible to post it 🙁

    • Hi Milan, v1.7.2.316284 is still the latest version from gog at the moment. But don’t worry once found the latest version we will update the game. 😀

  18. first off, Thank you for all you do. second thing is …
    if possible PLEASE post BEAR AND BREAKFAST. this game looks so fun but id still like to try it before i BUY it.
    it is on GOG is on GOG

    • Thanks for trusting us Eric, but sad to say, the game you have requested is not available on gog and we only post games here that were released on 🙁

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