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Alien Breed + Tower Assault

Alien Breed + Tower Assault DRM-Free Download – PC Game – Full GOG Version

Title: Alien Breed + Tower Assault
Genre: Action – Arcade – Sci-fi
Works on: Windows (7, 8, 10)
Release date: January 2, 1991
Company: Team17 Software / Team17 Digital LTD.

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About this Game

The year is 2191 and the galaxy stands on the brink of war. Only the Interplanetary Corps maintain an uneasy peace. The IPCC Miraculous was heading back for Federation HQ after six months on routine patrol around the Intex Network. Then came the orders to check out a remote Intergalactic Space Research Centre which had failed to transmit on any of the Federation wavebands. ISRC-4 was situated near the red-giant Gianor and was the last place anyone on the Miraculous wanted to go.

Alien Breed features a classic arcade shooter gameplay with hordes of aliens that are trying to kill you and a huge arsenal of weapons to defend yourself.In Alien Breed: Tower Assault levels are connected in multiple ways and there is no predefined path so you can freely chose where to go next, making each pass a unique experience. In addition, both titles can be played in cooperative mode adding further to the already impressive re-playability value of these games.

– Classic alien-slaughtering action with an impressive arsenal of weapons and level design.
– Both games can be finished in cooperative mode – two guns are better than one
– The second part is entirely non-linear with more than 250 ways to finish it

Alien Breed + Tower Assault

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Alien Breed + Tower Assault screenshot 1

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System Requirements

System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended)
Storage: 2GB HDD

Please be advised that Windows 10 operating system will receive frequent hardware driver and software updates following its release; this may affect game compatibility

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More Info


Alien Breed + Tower Assault© Team17 Software / Team17 Digital LTD.

This arcade from a third-person perspective immerses the player in the action taking place on a distant planet, where a detachment of soldiers arrives in order to clarify the reasons that led to the sudden termination of communication with the Earthlings research station located on it. At this time, in the foreseeable outer space, the tension between the civilization of the Earth and several alien races, which make claims on the planets suitable for life, is thickening. A war is approaching in the air, and an incident that the player has to investigate could be the beginning of it.

More info here: https://www.gog.com/game/alien_breed_tower_assault

How to Download & Install Alien Breed + Tower Assault:

Step 1. Click the download/magnet link we provided below to get the full version DRM-Free game (no serial code needed). But make sure to use a download client provided in here!.

Step 2. Wait until you finish downloading the file/s to 100% and then locate the folder you have downloaded.

Step 3. Follow the step/s:
– Run or Double click setup_alien_breed_2.1.0.33.exe
– Run or Double click setup_alien_breed_tower_assault_2.1.0.35.exe

Step 4. Play and enjoy!

Step 5. If you like this game please support the developers and BUY IT!

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Download Here!

Size: 184.7 MB
Alien Breed + Tower Assault (1991) [GOG]

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