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Title: Limbo
Genre: Adventure – Puzzle – Platformer
Works on: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
Features: single-player
Released: August 2, 2011
Company: Playdead / Playdead


About this game:
Uncertain of his sister’s fate, a boy enters LIMBO

Limbo is a puzzle-platformer. The game only uses two buttons in addition to movement controls, one to cause the boy to jump, and one for contextual action, such as dragging boxes, pulling levers, or pushing buttons. The boy can grab onto ledges within reach and lower himself from platforms, climb ladders, push and pull objects and also swing from ropes found in the environment.

Limbo features a lot of what developer Playdead describes as “trial and death” gameplay, requiring players to die frequently (and gruesomely) in order to fully understand the puzzles. Limbo has an extremely generous checkpoint system with almost instantaneous reloading, usually bringing the boy back to just before he set off a trap or fell into a chasm, minimizing (but not avoiding) player frustration.


“Limbo is as close to perfect at what it does as a game can get.”

10/10 – Destructoid

“The game is a masterpiece.”

5/5 – GiantBomb

“Limbo is genius. Freaky, weird genius. Disturbing, uncomfortable genius.”

5/5 – The Escapist

“Dark, disturbing, yet eerily beautiful, Limbo is a world that deserves to be explored.”

5/5 – Joystiq

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows: XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: 150MB
Video Card: 10 years or younger. Integrated graphics and very low budget cards may not work. Shader Model 3.0 required
DirectX®: 9.0c
Mouse, Keyboard

Screen Shots:

Limbo screenshot 1

Limbo screenshot 2

Limbo screenshot 3


YouTube video


Limbo (c) Playdead

Uncertain of his sister’s fate, a boy enters LIMBOReviews:“The game is as close to perfect at what it does as a game can get.”10/10 – Destructoid“The game is a masterpiece.”5/5 – GiantBomb“The game is genius. Freaky, weird genius.

More info here:

How to Download & Install:

  1. Click the DRM Free Limbo v3.0.0.1a link below to download.
  2. Wait until client finishes downloading to 100% and then locate the file/s folder.
  3. Follow the step(s) to install:
    Run or Double click setup_limbo_********. exe
  4. Thats it, play and enjoy!
  5. You can support the developers by, if you like it BUY IT!

You can visit our FAQs page for more help and solutions if you have a problem.

Old Links and Patches

We are keeping some of the old links and patches to make sure you can revert back to old version if you have problem with the latest version.

Old Link/s:

Size: 178.21 MB

Download Limbo Here⇩

Size: 181.2 MB
Limbo v3.0.0.1a [GOG]

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6 years ago

Can you bring “Transistor”?

gabriel bernales
6 years ago

guys i cant download this game the link are always dead no peers

gabriel bernales
6 years ago

its ok guys i download it. my net connections is very slow thats the problem not links or peers upload the Transistor tnx…!

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when i open the torrent link this url comes up but no torrent [ http www utorrent com downloads ] btw my system has utorrent and a week ago every link still work fine in this site

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Legit, full game, works like a charm 😀 thanks <3