Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse DRM-Free Download – PC Game – Full GOG Version

Title: Frozen Synapse + Red DLC (VER 35)
Genre: Strategy – Turn-based – Tactical
Works on: Windows (7, 8, 10, 11)
Release date: May 26, 2011
Company: Mode 7 / Mode 7

About This Game

Frozen Synapse is a turn-based strategy based on the principles of Laser Squad Nemesis. Under your leadership is a small armed detachment. Control it to achieve various mission objectives. Usually tasks come down to the destruction of the entire enemy squad. Try to think ahead of time. Issue personal commands to each fighter with a 5 second time limit. Your opponent moves at the same time as you. During the course, you can see the preliminary result of the action. It helps you change the strategy or order of accomplishing the specified goals. After you press the Prime button, all the set parameters come into action. There is a calculation that takes into account many factors: aiming, cover, unit reaction, etc. For example, a soldier using cover gains advantage over a defenseless unit, and so on.

System Requirements

System: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: 1.6 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Graphics: Netbook integrated graphics
Hard Drive: 220 MB

Game Media

ScreenShots from the Game:

Frozen Synapse screenshot 1

Frozen Synapse screenshot 2

Frozen Synapse screenshot 3

Video/s from the Game:

YouTube video

More Info


Frozen Synapse (c) Mode 7 / Mode 7

Frozen Synapse is the ultimate tactical game on Windows, Mac, and Linux.It brings the simultaneous turn-based strategy genre bang up-to-date and lets you give detailed, accurate orders to your squad: classic gameplay with a modern interface. Plan your moves, test them out, then hit the “Prime” button: both you and your enemy’s turns are executed simultaneously.Competitive-but-intuitive multiplayer and a huge single player campaign mean that Frozen Synapse will give you hours and hours of tactical delight.

More info here:

How to Easily Download & Install:

  1. Click the link below to download the no activation DRM-Free GOG Game.
  2. Wait until client finishes downloading to 100% and then locate the file/s folder.
  3. Follow this steps to install the game:
    – Run or Double click setup_frozen_synapse_ver_35_(19497).exe
    – Run or Double click DLC:
    — setup_frozen_synapse_red_ver_35_(19497).exe
  4. That’s it, play and enjoy!
  5. If you like this game please support the developers by BUYING IT!

You can visit our FAQs page for more help and solutions if you have a problem.

Old Links and Patches

We are keeping some of the old links and patches to make sure you can revert back to old version if you have problem with the latest version.

Old Link/s:
No old link available at the moment

Download Here⇩

Size: 867 GiB
Frozen Synapse (VER 35) [GOG]

Frozen Synapse 2
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