The Church in the Darkness

The Church in the Darkness DRM-Free Download – PC Game – Full GOG Version

Title: The Church in the Darkness
Genre(s): Adventure – Survival – Horror
Works on: Windows (7, 8, 10, 11)
Release Date: August 2, 2019
Company: Paranoid Productions / Fellow Traveller


About this game:
No one is forced to join a cult. It welcomes you. Its understands you. It envelops you until the words become more than truth – they make you whole.

In the late 1970s, the charismatic Isaac and Rebecca Walker lead the Collective Justice Mission. Labeled radicals and feeling persecuted by the US government, they relocate their followers to the one place they believe they can create a socialist utopia: the jungles of South America. There they build Freedom Town. But relatives left behind in the US become worried: what exactly is going on at this compound in the jungle?

– Combines unique narrative with tight top-down action-infiltration gameplay in an open-ended environment.

– Play how you want – you can avoid detection completely, take on the guards using non-lethal methods, or kill anyone who gets in your way.

– Fully voiced game, starring Ellen McLain (best known as GLaDOS in Portal) and John Patrick Lowrie (the Sniper from Team Fortress 2) as the intense Rebecca and Isaac Walker.

– Soak up the story through the town PA system, where the preachers share their dogma and beliefs.

– Find more than 100 documents and letters scattered around camp which clue you into the true nature of Freedom Town in this particular game.

– Every playthrough offers changing gameplay scenarios and story elements, with different character personalities and a shifting narrative told through investigation and action.

– Live with the consequences of your choices through many possible endings.How dangerous are the Walkers? Who are your allies and enemies? How far will you go to uncover the truth and save these people?

Minimum System Requirements:
System: 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 1 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Storage: 500 MB available space

Screen Shots:

The Church in the Darkness screenshot 1

The Church in the Darkness screenshot 2

The Church in the Darkness screenshot 3


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The Church in the Darkness (c) Paranoid Productions / Fellow Traveller

Joining the cult is voluntary. Here you are welcomed like relatives. In here you are understood. Here you are enveloped in words that are more important than the truth itself – they heal all wounds and fill all gaps. In the late 70s, the Collective Justice Mission is led by the charismatic Isaac and Rebecca Walkers. They are called radicals. To escape the persecution of the US government, the Walkers move cult members into the jungles of South America – the only place where they can create a socialist utopia. There they build the City of Freedom. But relatives left in the United States are worried: what is going on in this jungle?

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How to Download & Install:

  1. Click the DRM Free The Church in the Darkness link below to download.
  2. Wait until client finishes downloading to 100% and then locate the file/s folder.
  3. Follow the step(s) to install:
    – Run or Double click setup_the_church_in_the_darknesstm_1.43_(44404). exe
  4. Thats it, play and enjoy!
  5. You can support the developers by, if you like it BUY IT!

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Old Links and Patches

We are keeping some of the old links and patches to make sure you can revert back to old version if you have problem with the latest version.

Old Link/s:

Size: 729.5 MB
The Church in the Darkness v1.1.3 [GOG]

Download Here⇩

Size: 730 MB
The Church in the Darkness v1.43 [GOG]

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