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Note: If you have a list of games make sure you check if it is available via gog always remember that we cannot post the game if gog didn’t released it. And please limit the list for 3 games only per comment to give us time for others concern/requests. Thank you for your cooperation and hope to give you all the best! 

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5 years ago

Quern: Undying Thoughts, please 🙂

5 years ago

is it possible for Devil May Cry 5 Definitive Edition to be posted?

5 years ago

Can you upload D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die? please

5 years ago

Looking for Moonlighter, please

5 years ago

is it possible for linux game to be posted?

ibnu raffy
5 years ago

Is it possible for This War of Mine Linux Version to be posted??

ibnu raffy
5 years ago
Reply to  freegogpcgames

I hope there is a linux game

Tristan Collins
5 years ago

Hi there! I’ve requested before and the puzzling side of me is requesting again, this time for Myst-like adventures. I’ve checked GOG to see if they had them, so I’ve made a list of some games that I think would rock to play, thanks!


The other two Journeyman project games (You have a remastered #1)


Myst 5 (I also noticed GOG doesn’t have 2, 3, or 4, how odd)

Again, thanks for being an awesome website and doing this stuff for everyone, as you read others comments, just remember that this is awesome and people appreciate it!

5 years ago

Hey, if you guys can, it would be great if you could upload de Blob 1 and 2.

5 years ago

Can you please upload Fallen Haven and Fallen Haven Liberation Day? They are classic strategy games on GoG.

5 years ago

Please can you post Fallen Haven and Fallen Haven Liberation Day.

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